How do I view a running balance in the latest website design?

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So I've searched and searched, and Paypal seems to really want to hide this information. There are many online suggestions as to how to view a running balance, however it appears those suggestions are for older versions of the website. None of the links they show are present on the latest paypal website version.

Has anyone figured out how to view a running balance in the latest version of the paypal? I find it amazing that this is not always available and you have to really dig deep to figure it out.


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Hello @cobradvm

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I understand you'd like to see your running balance, and I apologize that it's been so difficult to find. I recommend creating a CSV (Excel file) Activity Download that includes All Transactions within your preferred date range. You can learn how on our Help Center here: How do I download a statement report of my PayPal transaction history?

I hope this helps! 

- Meghan

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