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Donation receipts issued by Paypal to donor

As a non-profit organisation, we receive donations through PayPal. A donation receipt notification is sent by PayPal to the donor but we get a 'notification of payment received'. Is it possible to get a copy of the batch of donation receipts issued t...

FCM1 by Contributor
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Date not included when printing summary of transaction

I'm wanting to print details of a particular transaction (or activity or whatever it's called). If I start on Home page, then click on an activity in the Recent Activity section, I see a nice summary of everything I need... including the date of the ...

drmrbrewer by New Community Member
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Resolved! I requested transaction history - report never arrived

Hi, I used a lot of time on figuring out how to retrieve the transaction history of my account some years back in time. When I finally find it, this is something that has to be ordered. I fill out what I wish to retrieve and it says that I will get t...

Receipts missing purchase date!

Why receipts has no purchase date suddenly? Trying to print last year receipts but no... not possible anymore! It has been possible on so many years but now...

JasepQi by Contributor
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