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How do I view a running balance in the latest website design?

So I've searched and searched, and Paypal seems to really want to hide this information. There are many online suggestions as to how to view a running balance, however it appears those suggestions are for older versions of the website. None of the li...

cobradvm by New Community Member
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Paperless statements.

Hi everyone, I’m new here and I was wondering if there’s a way to receive paperless statements. Including end of year statements? Thanks in advance.

Barbs5 by Contributor
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QuickBooks invoices are not showing PayPal or Venmo

Both PayPal and Venmo  are "ON" in my Quickbooks account settings as payment options I want to offer. However, neither appear on my QuickBooks invoices. The QuickBooks help forum says there have been past issues with the integration with PayPal. Is t...

bostonuser by New Community Member
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Transactions on statement not descriptive

Hi there, I need to do my taxes for my online store so I downloaded the Paypal transactions CSV. I am very  confused by the transactions. Some of them are just named general currency conversion - could be 30 USD incoming but it doesn't say where from...

Resolved! api v1/reporting/transactions find pay method

Hi I need to find the type of payment in the v1/reporting/transactions, In the result there are all transacion, I need understand for my payment if I have used the paypal credit or if I have payed with other (bank, credit card ecc) where I can find i...

Scoccia by New Community Member
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Who owned PayPal Credit accounts prior to Synchrony Bank?

Who owned PayPal Credit accounts or managed them in 2016? These statements are not available thru the current customer service at Synchrony and they only refer me to comenity bank. Comenity bank representatives say they never owned or managed PayPal ...