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My paypal won't let me make any payments, or withdrawals.

My PayPal account will not let me do anything. No payments, no withdrawals, can add money but can't do anything with it. My PayPal account worked perfectly up until May 2023. How do I fix this?I assume it's when I switch from personal to business, an...

Where to file a formal complaint against Paypal?

Paypal banned my account without informing me of any reason. My account has been a part of the PayPal community for over ten years, demonstrating a long-standing relationship based on trust and reliability. Throughout this period, both my wife and I ...

Frank2024 by New Community Member
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Am I Being Scammed?

I purchased something from somebody online through social media. I paid through Goods and Services so I would have buyer protection, and most scammers won’t accept this form of payment so I wasn’t super worried. Later that day, the seller messaged me...

Account Limitations: What You Need to Know

  Keeping your business and customers safer To ensure PayPal remains a safer place for enabling payments, we regularly review all accounts. Sometimes, limitations may be placed on your PayPal account, which could restrict you from completing certain ...

PayPal_Mark by PayPal Employee
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Question about refund from steam

I bought 2 games on steam using Paypal (Debit card used) and I refunded them yesterday and it was approved, it was a one cart purchase so it separates t[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]PHP in total). On the app where my debit card is, it says I recei...

ANLODJR by New Community Member
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Problem with fund from a friend's unlinked bank account

My friend sent me some money from his (unlinked to my paypal) bank account. He is also not a paypal user. As a novice, I needed the money on my Paypal wallet. So, I gave him my Name, email address and Paypal IBAN number (DE xxxx s.c.a.r.l ...... ). I...

Dkool by Contributor
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Strange transaction to my account

Hello, today i got a notification from a stranger possibly scammer according to his email that he gave to my paypal 5€. Then i checked and the 5€ were really added to my paypal balance. I want to ask what to do in this case should i press the button ...

Spyros123 by New Community Member
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