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Cant withdraw money from fiver

Hi, I requested payment from Fiver but got cancelation. Fiver support said that problem is not on their end. what is the problem ? never had such problems while withdrawing from Upwork ( almost 2 years )P.S. this is comment that I received on fiver "...

Transaction generated a new address added to PayPal

Hi Forum Folke, Made a purchase at BestBuy using PayPal as my payment method, and very shortly afterward received an email from PayPal: "You added a new address.This is just a quick confirmation that you added an address in your PayPal account.Here a...

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Paypal Pending Payment

Why I am having pending payment in my transaction. I called the bank they said they already released the money, I called the merchant they said they have not received it yet. I tried to cancel the transaction through the Resolution Centre but it is n...

Email from

Hi, I have recently made a deal with a buyer since I want to sell my shoes however i got sent an email from [Removed] saying that there’s a pending payment however i do not trust it at all is this a scam?