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PayPal made me lose money

Someone placed an order through my Shopify and paid through PayPal, which was not set up yet. I was prompted to make an account to claim the payment. As soon as I created it all the account features got deactivated for some reason. Somehow the paymen...

Cancelled unclaimed payment

I made a payment using a debit card to the wrong payees account. It was unclaimed so I immediately cancelled it The pament has still been debited. Is this correct? Will my debit card be refunded at some point? The transaction shows as "cancelled...

AlanJ65 by Contributor
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Problem transferring funds

Hi, everyone. I am receiving an error message every time I try to withdraw funds to our company bank card. The message says "Things don't appear to be working right now. Sorry, something's not right. Please try again later." I've been trying for two ...

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eyezone by New Community Member
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Return from usa to china

I have an item I need to return to get refund. The cost to return item to china is more than my purchase cost and vendor refuses to pay return shipping. Any thoughts on how to proceed.

Currency conversion from Paypal to Bank?

Since the last three months, for every transaction, by default, paypal automatically converts the transaction from USD to local currency.  Though I have not requested for it nor is the local currency mentioned in the list of currencies.  How do I sto...

ums_2017 by New Community Member
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Account got limited permanently

I received an email few days ago (Thursday 13 July) to confirm my identity. I did not notice the email until today (Sunday 16 July) when I wanted to use paypal and noticed I couldn't send any money. I live in Singapore, and we have something called S...

XuanX by Contributor
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Inquiry: Can i still transfer money? Paypal to Gcash

Hi! I'm new to paypal and I don't have anyone to ask regarding paypal issues personally so i turned to this community. I have an issue regarding my account being fully verified, since i don't have any bank to link to. But i was wondering if i could s...