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Pay 3 still missing from my account

Hi can anyone help me I have always used pay 3 with PayPal for a very long time spent so much using it and never had a problem or been been declined until the 1st of Aug I then realised I had missed a PayPal credit payment,so assumed this was why? as...

PayPal security issues

Hi everyone,I just spent several hours on the phone with PayPal security team regarding requests for funds from my account.  I hung up on the first agent when he told me to go to RiteAid to buy an Ebay security card.  I questioned him repeatedly and ...

Boxerdog1 by New Community Member
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pending payment until delivery - courier isn't updating tracking

HI, I recently sold an item to a buyer over PayPal, he payed (with buyer protection) and I shipped the item. I added tracking info to PayPal and gave him tracking info too. I am aware that if you add tracking info, your funds will be released from pe...

6kram by New Community Member
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