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Can't log despite multiple successful password changes

I have successfully logged into my account minutes ago, but then I was logged off and couldn't log in back again.I then created new passwords multiple times, to no avail. I'm able to do the password recovery process via e-mail: I receive the authenti...

How do I disable one-time codes

Recently when logging in, Paypal has started offering me the option of logging in with a one-time SMS code to my phone rather than a password.  This seems incredibly insecure to me and I'd prefer not to have it on my account.  I cannot find any way t...

Only1KW by Contributor
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PayPal no longer protects the buyer!

PayPal closed the case in favor of the seller Knowing that the seller did not respond to any message when I opened the case Knowing that I provided all proof that I did not receive the item In the end, PayPal closed the case in favor of the seller

Mr4bek by New Community Member
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New account permanently locked for no reason

I was told that I cannot use my original account from another country by Paypal support. Since now I am on an assignment abroad they told me to create another account to use right now in Vietnam. When I tried to create a new account with a new email,...

Eziox1 by New Community Member
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my account is restricted, my money on hold for 180 days

Hello, Paypal restricted my account for no reason, I sent all the informations needed and my id. They told me they will hold my money for 180 days. The money I have on my account is from my family members. I've been unemployed for months and now PayP...

imdestro by New Community Member
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I haven't used more than 7 years,i need to money out ,but My Wallet balance US9.96 unable withdraw money to my bank,system show less than the minimum required,how do I need to do? 

CSNEO by Contributor
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Paypal is not verifying purchases

I've just bought two items on ebay and suddenly the purchases are going through without me logging on to Paypal to verify the purchases. This seems like a massive threat to my security. Does anyone know how I can stop this so that a message comes thr...

Jillity by Contributor
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