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Account ID Verification

I tried to verify my ID as i received the letter from PP. I could not do it, entering my correct info twice I just have left one last attemptIt doesn't say what i did wrong and removes attempts and chance to fill the form. The form is very simple, st...

Dispute "resolved" incorrectly , I cant escalate it

Hello,I got honeypoted/forced to shady subscription. There was never anything about that with generating and buying CV from I will agree to subscribe them. So naturaly when they chagred me I disputed it, but it was closed in favor of sell...

avskum by New Community Member
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How do I turn off automatic payments in PayPal?

Hello, How can I turn off automatic payments in PayPal in general? And I mean everything, not individually. Is this even possible? Hope you can help me. Thanks so much in advance. Greetings.

JoshuaGP by New Community Member
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how do i do this customers to purchase subscription products with Paypal Express, ask PayPal to activate Reference Transactions

smithm234 by New Community Member
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Rest API: Handling exception on create order

I've been integrating Hosted Fields into our platform.  I'm able to successfully create an order, and then capture payment following hosted field form submission.  I'm now working on and testing edge-cases.  Consider the two scenarios where an except...

gobfrey by New Community Member
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#notrecivedarefund #caseclosed

Hello, I order some vitamins(that were pretty expensive) from a Website ( The website seem fine and not a scam. The website has sellers that sell products. Order from one seller that sells these vitamins. And i paid with paypal. Since then I...

Sara_jov by New Community Member
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Please help me.. starting to panic here...

Hello I need help fast...i sold a item for 608$ and 3 months after I deleted the account because I did not make any money longer. And now this guy open a dispute. I cant answer or because I cant login and I cant show all evidence.. i contacted suppor...

unable to complete transactions due to frozen card

so ive been unable to use my paypal balance when making transactions online because i need to have a card linked that isnt frozen. Is there any way i can use my paypal balance without needing a card? (my card is frozen because i got locked out of my ...

kyaliko by New Community Member
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