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Puppy scam

I was scammed by Christopher Morren. They or someone are on instagram, facebook and TikTok selling puppies. They ask for a deposit if you don’t have all the money and reserve your puppy. They also offer shipping delivery to you. I reached out and tol...

LaChants by New Community Member
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Need Help: PayPal 180-Day Withdrawal Issue

 Hey Community,After the 180-day hold on PayPal, I'm still stuck without withdrawals. Any quick tips or shared experiences to navigate this? Grateful for your insights!Best,

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laihowloon by New Community Member
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Confirmation in Dutch Account Not Showing Up

Hi, I've just opened a business account for a company that I am owner/operator of in the Netherlands. It says it has made the deposit with the confirmation code on my paypal screen, but the amount is not showing up in my bank account at all. Is there...

PayPal account permanently limited out of nowhere

My PayPal account has been permanently limited without any warnings. It says it's because of sexual content but I never did anything related to that. I only send an receive money from friends and family or pay for groceries. I have all my personal in...

Mina0097 by New Community Member
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PayPal credit

I am subscribed to Sony playstation plus monthly subscription and when I purchase a game as my PayPal credit for my PayPal credit, PayPal still takes my bank money out and i have plenty of money on my PayPal credit. But they still manage to get money...

account limitations

how i received account limitation twice? first paypal put my account June 5, 2023 to permanent limitation and cant no longer use means i cant use my account and all i need to do is to wait for 180 days so i can transfer the funds that paypal holds bu...

DasallaA by Contributor
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