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cannot login to my account : emoji challenge

I am an ebay and paypal customer since year 2000. Today I wanted to log into my paypal account.After entering my email and password I have got some Security Verification "Emoji Challenge" which I absolutely have no clue about. I wanted to attach the ...

yusosovfr by New Community Member
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No tracking!

Hi, I’m looking for some advice. I purchased an item on eBay which was faulty. This did not become apparent for 3 months taking it out of eBay protection. So, I contacted PayPal. I was sent an email from PayPal advising I send the item back for a ful...

Account pernamently limited

Sorry in advance for any grammar errors, english is not my first language.For context I'm from Europe and I have been using PayPal for years without any issues until now. I mostly use it for online shopping, Bandcamp (buying music and getting paid si...

Nejcn63 by New Community Member
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Impossible to Leave a Message?

Last night I got a text from my bank asking if I had authorized a $100 payment to a vendor I had never heard of. I replied, No.  This morning as I check my email, I see a message from PayPal stating that I have authorized a payment to that vendor in ...

ProTalker by New Community Member
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Payment pending after seller has paid the invoice

Evening all. Sent an invoice to a buyer as I do muliple times a week, never have a problem, she has told me she has paid the invoice but it is showing my end as "payment pending" since 28/05.  I've contacted Paypal support but still not had anything ...

louffy by Contributor
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Dispute Paypal Debit Mastercard Payment

I am using the Debit Mastercard since years now and never had to dispute any charge an Paypal. I know it with a normal credit card, there are forms to dispute it. I am not sure if I can dispute it the same way as normal paypal payments?Basically I go...

stjoh by Contributor
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PayPal in 3 is not work

hiya my paypal in 3 is not work its giving me this error Looking for Pay in 3? Unfortunately, Pay in 3 isn't available for this not sure how to get it back ?

paypal exchange rate used as hidden fee (scam)

As title states, essentially i found out that paypal uses bad exchange rates as hidden fees.   I wanted to buy something halfsies with a friend, them in US, me in EU, seller in US.   The total price was $193. My friend decided to send $100 rounded, p...

Bejoner by Contributor
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My Refund Posted as a Purchase not a Refund to my bank

Hello I purchased an item on 5/26 for 315 Euros and cancelled the purchase right away, the transaction was refunded right away on the 5/26 by the retailer and paypal says the refund was processed on this date. It showed a pending charge in my bank ac...

bank account

hello,i want to add my bank account to my account but it says thats its already connected to the max numbers of accounts already,but i dont remember that i have linked it to another account how can i solve this?

pero7 by New Community Member
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