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Resolved! Sandbox Internal Server 500 Error

Using PayPal's sandbox, along with WooCommerce, we get a 500 error from PayPal instead of the regular checkout screen. Everything worked fine yesterday. There is nothing in the response.

kbauman by Contributor
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Tax residency information

Receiving emails asking me to confirm my tax residency information and provides a link. Is this legit? And if so why is there nothing in my PayPal messages?

mimz5 by New Community Member
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When will my ACH appear based on when it was submitted?

The other day ADP pinged my paypal account to send an ACH, paypal said they got that ping at 7 or so this morning. I’d assume an ACH is sent out AFTER the ping so that would be sent out at noon (? based on what I found online for the ACH network tran...

Check VOIDed but rejected

I attempted to deposit a check. The app asked me to write VOID across the front, then rejected it. Now I have a payroll check with VOID written on it, and no money. What do I do now?

jsmadere by New Community Member
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Money on hold

When i login to my account, i see that i have money on hold, but when i call PayPal, they see that the money is available in my PayPal balance. What is wrong?

Meechyw4 by New Community Member
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Can the REST API be used to create donation?

Using the REST API, how can I create an order that displays the resulting transaction as a Donation instead of as a Payment. In my tests of creating orders with items of category of DONATION, the resulting transaction is listed as a payment. The only...

Why did PayPal ignore my preferred card?

I had a preferred credit card on  my account that was not PayPal. Somehow PayPal was starting to become the default for more and more services. I wanted to use PayPal as the default for select things such as paying my web hosting provider, and online...

Matthew_x by New Community Member
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