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sandbox checkout issue

if I use a personal sandbox account is in Egypt and the balance is in EUR and the business account is American and currency is in USD when I make checkout the order is completed and captured but the balance in personal does not decreased and the bala...

Can I use hosted fields for subscriptions?

Hosted fields only accept an order id, and I don't think it's possible to get an order id out of a subscription or plan in anyway. Am I missing something or is this simply not allowed, and I must only create subscriptions through the buttons componen...

VixieTSQ by Contributor
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Qatari USD account and PayPal transfer in QAR

I have a USD bank account in Qatar. I want to transfer my money from PayPal to my USD Qatari account without converting it to Qatari Riyals but PayPal is automatically converting the amount to Qatari Riyals before transferring it. How can I transfer ...

Dabbagh by New Community Member
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