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I was charged from this one site called clickdeals24* I can't dispute it and cant find the site where the charge were it was made I hope someone who has had this issue can help me so I can possibly get a refund and stop this before it gets worse? Tha...

PJayee by Contributor
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Resolved! Why PIPO US INC charged me money?

About 6 hours ago, I paid twice for the promotion of the video on TikTok, but they didn't allow it. I have now entered PayPal and seen that both transactions were charged to me by PIPO US INC. Does anyone know why?

Tisakoja by New Community Member
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Unable to close dormant account.

I created a PayPal account years back, and used it without issue. No dramas, no disputes, nothing. One day, PayPal arbitrarily decided to demand more information from me, including photographic ID, and proof of address (Rates notice or similar). I re...

I cant resolve my online balance with paypal

I can neither resolve my online balance with paypal nor make purchases with my visa card, even though i have enough funds to balance it.Every time i attempt to resolve the balance i receive an error.And whenever i attempt to make a purchase with my b...

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PayPal credit not working.

My paypal credit suddenly stopped working. I contacted synchrony and paypal credit and they said theres no issues on their end. Paypal themselves have not provided a solution . Because of this issue, my balance is in negative $86+. I have spoken to o...