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Forced closure of Paypal credit account

Paypal Credit (Synchrony Bank) closed my account because paypal could not set up my bank account correctly. Instead of letting me put the routing # and acct # I had to sign on to my bank within the Paypal site. When I had several payments rejected my...

"Show Order Details" Vs "Capture Payment For Order"

I'm a little confused on what the difference is between "Show Order Details" and "Capture Payment For Order" in the REST API. The only difference I see is that "Capture Payment For Order" seems to contain more information (such as shipping address).B...

ackman14 by Contributor
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Is Altrixl ltd a spoof

Purchased an item on my Paypal account from IS THIS A SPOOF COMPANY ? And if so why do PayPal allow payment to people such as the above mentioned ?

In need of donars

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Nvp Soap api

i need paypal nvp soap api for my plugin in wordpress to acept  payment when i go to nvp soap api manage credentials option it just get to home page it doesnt show the crendentials what is the problem and how can be solved

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Sam Ash scam resolution

My husband found out that the Sam Ash Music stores were closing and saw an ad on Facebook to buy equipment at highly discounted prices.  It took him to a website with the Sam Ash logo and he ordered 2 guitars.  It went through PayPal but when the cha...

Resolved! Phone number changed - can't log in

My mobile number changed a few years ago but I never updated my profile.  Now I can't log in as Paypal wants to send me a text on the old number to verify the account. I've tried logging in from a different browser which doesn't work. Also tried usin...

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Login problem

I will write here on behalf of my father, since he does not have access to his account.He living in Astana,Kazachstan,with Kazachstan mobile number.In latest 2 week he getting this message after login to your account:PayPal is looking out for youWe n...