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PayPal don't charges on my checkout

Hello, I made an PayPal Checkout, everything works but when i try to test it it don't charges it sends the money back when i pay with card an when i pay with paypal balance it don't even charges, but it handles it as success!

ld338_ by New Community Member
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Hey, why I am not able to receive my moborg money on paypal. I have applied for withdrawl on moborg but have't received the money on paypal yet. The e-mail ids are same but still no money is reflecting in my paypal account.

payments in javascript with custom button

Good day.I'm an italian developer and I should want to integrate the paypal (only this) payment in the web site of my customer.In the cart page I have a custom button with which I execute my own javascript method inside which, if the payment method i...

Hi, why i can't confirm my card?

Hi, why i can't confirm my card? "We couldn’t confirm your info Your card is still added to your PayPal account, but you can’t use it for purchases until you confirm that you’re the owner. Try confirming again or contact the card issuer."

Payment not reflected in account

I was sent a payment to my account but when I log in to my account it does not reflect. Also, when I click on the transaction ID in the payment received from Paypal I get this message.Anyone have any idea what's going on?

Screenshot 2023-09-23 094147.jpg
Stabes by New Community Member
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Resolved! Abe Books order - 670785926.

I am receiving requests for payment on a book I intended to purchase from Abe Books. Due to internet issues I was unable to complete the purchase. I changed to a different seller and received the book I sought. As I did NOT receive the book from Abe ...

Deefor__ by Contributor
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