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Why the refunds do not come into my Paypal Wallet ?

Hello, The PayPal website said if the credit card is not working, Refunds will go to the PayPal wallet.  But on July 18 refunds from PROFIDA were sent on my old credit card, closed credit card. My Orange Bank card was definitely closed on July 16, th...

jul67 by Contributor
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Purchase Protection program

I was scammed and I am done filing a dispute. However, it was a personal and authorized payment and I lost over $200 ($218.41) to a scam. I selected the Friends&Family option which would lead to dispute limitations. I am told to wait for at least 30 ...

teapot3008 by New Community Member
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Qld Australia

Hi I've just ordered from Lamoon. Can you tell me if they are a reputable company? Any feed back would be appreciated

Llanfawr1 by New Community Member
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Amount on hold and buyer recieved an order

Hello, A buyer has recieved an order from me, but my amount is still on hold. I can't even make status "completed". How can I do it? The amount is available till 27th of July. Please help me.

Sign up from Germany for new account in Ukraine does not work.

Not sure if the the question belongs here, I try to create new account from Germany, selecting Ukraine as a home country. The browser hangs for 10-20 mins and then says "try later". Different browsers, different networks, differemt devices - still th...

ole-v by New Community Member
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I was scammed and paypal wont help me

So long story short on 7 july 24 i was scammed by a person on a dating site this person used my bereavement against me by being kind to me for a while 2/3days then when i asked to meet her she told me i had to do a background check for both our safte...

Stowbar78 by New Community Member
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