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Hey, nobody here?

I have one problem with account. I can t add bank account or delete the account.

Resolved! Payment to Coinbase Global, Inc

I received an email titled "You've sent a payment" which included the statement: "Your Payment was sent to Coinbase Global in exchange for 0.014 Bitcoin. Thank You for using PayPal to complete your purchase of $649.99. Please note that the transactio...

kibblemom by Contributor
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PayPal to Visa Card Transaction Issue

I want to make a transaction from PayPal to my regular Visa card, but it seems suspicious. At first I received a notification that I exceeded the limit, it was 2120 Euros. However, it is the card I use all the time. "You're trying to transfer more th...

guliakva by New Community Member
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transaction help?  cannot figure out what is happening with my account. i see a charge from REI for 800$ but i have no idea what this is. right now it says pending and i have changed paypal password and if i can confirm this as a scam i wil...

thegun28 by New Community Member
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transaction pending

transaction pending, how to fix this issue or can cancel ? this customer service so slow and no solution at all like talking to robot

Sent money from stranger, now they are asking for refund

I was sent a payment via Friends/Family from a total stranger, now they are asking for a refund. Sounds odd.  They stated they 'clicked on the wrong paypal' Before I issue a refund, was curious if this could be some type of scam (delayed payment, etc...

Oahu808 by New Community Member
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