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Apple Family Sharing

So my family and me use the Apple Family Sharing thing where everything we buy from Apple like Apple Music and Apps are paid by one person. This was always my dads paypal account. 2 weeks ago there was a problem where it told me on my phone that I ne...

Bank Account and Credit Card

Please, I need to add my Bank Account instead of Credit Card, is it possible?... Or both of them, is it possible?...

BroChidi by New Community Member
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Opening a new account

Hey My account was permanently limited. I wish to open another account. May I open a new account with the same names and address using another email and card?If no,How can I have another account?Help please!

f113 by New Community Member
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Link bank manuel

I try link my bank account and i get these wrong message "We're sorry but this bank is already tied to the maximum number of PayPal accounts."

Cy4nure by New Community Member
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Scam refund attempt

So i recieved a payment through friends and family, by a guy trying to pull a scam on me. My question is, can he by contacting his bank actually get a refund on the payment?

megas5 by New Community Member
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new mobile number and new country

Hello! I need to change country as I live in another country for years now. How could I do this? Also I want to add a new number, it is saying that the country code is incorrect, but its not. Kind regads Vilma

vilmaliz05 by New Community Member
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