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Re: Paid for item on Etsy but purchase doesn't show up.

Hey I'm currently having the same issue. I made an order through Etsy, I wasn't given a tracking number and my items never arrived. Just before my review date, the shop closed. And conveniently, I don't have a transaction listed in my PayPal account ...

Wrought by New Community Member
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PayPal emails say must send 3000 before payment is sent

From Christopher [removed] To Your Account. This transaction is due to appear in your account shortly *For any questions and other issues regarding this payment, Please reply to this email only and we will gladly help you*. Item # van Description Goo...

Harlee18 by New Community Member
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Who is kilo health

I keep getting charged every 3 months for 33USD for kilohealth. How do I address pay pal us telling me to go to the merchant.

NBEE1 by Contributor
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Problem with fund from a friend's unlinked bank account

My friend sent me some money from his (unlinked to my paypal) bank account. He is also not a paypal user. As a novice, I needed the money on my Paypal wallet. So, I gave him my Name, email address and Paypal IBAN number (DE xxxx s.c.a.r.l ...... ). I...

Dkool by Contributor
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I have a paypal payment that has been pending for 10 days

I have a paypal payment that has been pending for 10 days already, I contacted the person who sent me the money and said to confirm it, he told me that it is not his job and it is the job of the paypal people, what can I do to get the money to my acc...

gab1boss by New Community Member
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Direct debit

Do you guys know how to turn on the toggle on direct debit? I was trying to pay the dmv online, it asked for my routine and account number went through and later says it failed idk why? It has the money it needs to pay it off