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Resolved! Biggest scammers PAYPAL are

PayPal are a scam they should be called payJoke I got scammed for £20,000 and they refuse to help me to get it back all of my savings gone they are a multi billion pound company and they are saying the £500 they sent me in a good gesture is satisfact...

This card is linked to another PayPal account.

I linked my credit card with my old Paypal account, but I closed the old account without deleting the card from the account.Now I registered a new account, and I can't link this card with it. The app shows:This card is linked to another PayPal accoun...

HY_Feng by Contributor
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Paypal holding refund for a month

PayPal is so annoying. I received a refund on October 30th and they have not transferred it to my credit card. When I called I was told that refunds can take up to 2 billing cycles to appear. COME ON. That money is in PayPal's account. It's 2023 and ...

pg246 by Contributor
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Verification Money did not reverse back

I wanted to verify my credit card on PayPal, so I requested code. It charged me on my card and I entered the code. PayPal promised to reverse the charge but I have seen no reversal as of yet on my card

No “friends and family” option

I’ve been trying to send my friend money but paypal doesnt give me the “friends and family” option. My bank is linked, and theres enough on my paypal balance as well. He’s in mexico while i’m in the netherlands so i’m not sure if that has anything to...

Izzivizzi by New Community Member
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