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Resolved! International regulations

For months now I've been able to make deposits and withdrawls from online gambling sites here in Michigan. Recently I started receiving the following message. To comply with International regulations this transaction has been declined. Anybody else g...

Instant Payment Notification url is never called after payment

About 2 months back, it suddenly happened that the Instant Payment Notification return URL stopped calling after payment. Nothing changed anywhere, the IPN call is still on. In the payment detail I can see that the url tries to call, but it is never ...

vmoravec by Contributor
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Does this sound familiar to anyone?

On Friday I was contacted on my iPhone by a man claiming to be with PayPal. His number was [removed]. He claimed that someone named Jim [removed] had used my account to make a $299.00 transaction overseas.He knew my birth date, my phone number, my ho...

PeteF59 by New Community Member
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Payments to existing contact not processing

I have been trying to pay on of my contacts that I managed to successfully pay 3 days ago but now I can't seem to make a payment to him. I am instructed to try again later. Why is this happening and how long do I need to wait?


i cant add bankaccount to my account  ( each time i receive message  this is not possible), and when adding money i receive message top up not allowed , ( the payment must be done several times) because of limitations;.

redben by New Community Member
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