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Transfert Euro to a Euro Account in Malaysia

Hello everyone; I have link my Malaysian bank to PayPal so whatever I want to transfert Paypal change it automatically in MYR.But I have an account in Euro in Malaysia.Is there a way to choose the currency of his receiving bank?I can't find this opti...

Our PayPal account blocked by mistake

Hello!   My name is Mikhail [removed], I'm the owner of FunPay, and I would really like to see at least someone from PayPal read this page from beginning to end.   And although we have been working for a very long time, we decided to use PayPal relat...

MMarchenko by Contributor
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Payment Gateway Integration

Good day. I am trying to connect PayPal as the payment gateway on I followed their instructions to the letter, but still get the message to configure IPN settings. I am not a developer, so I don't know what it means. Any help will be wond...

MarlizeR by New Community Member
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I do not receive a 4-digit verification code from PayPal

After entering all the data from my new Visa card and confirming, the following message appears -  You are authorizing a payment to PAYPAL for 0 US Dollar to ..........And accordingly, I do not receive a 4-digit verification code! I'm making multiple...

Dimo5 by Contributor
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Zettle Working Capital? Sounds good to me!

I spoke to the creator of Zettle a couple of weeks ago and she said "she had no idea" that Zettle would cancel out our ability to continue to qualify for the PPWC loan.  I call **bleep**. I told her that we were NEVER informed of this possibility, an...

scs326 by Contributor
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Where are my outgoing messages?

I don't have any of my messages I sent to PayPal on my message centre, only the messages PayPal have sent to me - with a few missing.Every time I request a copy of all correspondence PayPal does not send this to me.They are liars and keep all my sent...

Who was declined?

How come when a transaction is declined because not enough funds, how come I can't see who the decline was for?

Can not convert currency so I can withdraw money.

Hi all,My business PayPal account was limited back in December 2022. It has now past 180 days and was told my a PayPal agent I can withdraw funds ( I never received the email)My funds are in USD and in order to withdraw to my UK bacnk account I need ...

Roscozx by Contributor
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