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Not allowing to input verification code

Hello, im trying to make a payment, however when paypal asks me for my verification code, it does not let me type the verification code, i cant type any numbers into the "boxes" where the code goes

How can I link my PayPal to GCash

I have been trying to link my PayPal to my GCash but it’s not working even though all my informations are correct. Please help me

Resolved! Withdrawal failed Refused by service provider Message on Fiverr

Hello everyone, I have problem withdrawing money from Fiverr to my PayPal account. I get this:  Withdrawal failed Refused by service provider   I contacted Fiverr and they told me it' is probably PayPal's problem.   Also, when someone tries to sen...

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How can I see which transaction made my account negative?

I’ve just tried to use my PayPal account to make a purchase and I can see that my account is in negative. Is there a way that I can see which transactions caused my account to become negative? I’ve gone through my activity and there isn’t a transacti...

Jude-y by New Community Member
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Paypal is not allowing me to Link my updated Venmo Debit Card!

Hello all!   I'm having trouble trying to link my updated Venmo card to Paypal and Paypal won't accept or add my card. Last October, I have been able to pay some of my subscriptions via Paypal and an old linked Venmo card. However, I recently had to ...


on 15th of November I received an email saying my funds are eligible for withdrawal after 180 days have passed since my account got limited in may, I was only able to partially withdraw 1050$ from my account and nothing else! it always gives me an er...


Problem transferring funds

Hi, everyone. I am receiving an error message every time I try to withdraw funds to our company bank card. The message says "Things don't appear to be working right now. Sorry, something's not right. Please try again later." I've been trying for two ...

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