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Can't receive money

Hello. My customer got many time the message. You can't send the money now. Your receiptant can't accept payment right now. Why is that happened and how we can solve it? Thank you

orenak by New Community Member
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Manually Controlling Funds

I had $75 deposited to my account by a friend. That money was applied to a $200 payment the next day. How do I disable this function? I wanted to transfer that money to my bank.

tpdietz by New Community Member
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Ticket fulfillment lp is a SCAM

I just got scammed by ticket fulfillment service lp for a ticket at 146 usd that I never had. PayPal closed the case by saying that I had received the ticket which is false. PayPal knowingly supports a fraudulent company. PayPal is complicit in a com...

Juliebean by New Community Member
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ebay seller

May 25 Hello, I am trying to search for ebay seller -reclusive I bought from seller sometime ago in 2017 or 2018 , The merchants name is - James - reclusive, I would like to buy from the merchant again Kenneth [removed]

Ship Station falsely back charging extra Shipping

Ship Station back charging me for more expensive services, even though I take pictures of every shipment and have proof they're lying   I can't get past the A.I. Chat Bot.   What do we do?  This is happening on every platform with UPS, FedEx and USPS...


Has anyone had dealings with Boocezawni Technology

4Biff by Contributor
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some old guy keeps sending me money without my consent

i met someone on discord. he is 25. he keeps sending me paypal money after i begged him not to. he doesn't send as family and friends because it doesnt exist in his country. because of some fees i cannot fully refund his payments but i refunded 90% i...

account general

Hello, I would like to request assistance with my PayPal account. I only have one name, which is [removed] , and I am having difficulty filling out the last name field in the registration form. How can I complete the registration and verification of ...

aguslianti by New Community Member
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