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confirmation fees

hi, iam trying to recieve money from some one on pay pal and they are saying that because the use a buisness account i need to pay a $50 confirmation fee, is this real?

bitcoin payment declined

Why is my payment for Bitcoin declined?Can you allow my payment for Bitcoin to proceed? 

ise17 by New Community Member
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Payment refunded after 30 days - safest next step ?

I bought tickets to an event in France (in EUR) from a UK seller with transaction via Twickets - an EUR amount was sent from my UK account on 1st May but on 1st June has been refunded to me by Paypal with a message 'your payment transaction ID xxxxxx...

k3lvc by New Community Member
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Paypal cashback mastercard

Paypal cashback mastercard application was denied due to identity verification. But I sent in a pic of my driver's license and SS card as they requested, before the deadline. I was still denied due to not verifying my identity. There's no option to r...

Help me Pay 3 disaster.

Pay 3…I ordered a large item from B&Q on 14May. It was due to be delivered on 20th May. I actually cancelled it on 15th May. The first payment went out of PayPal on the day of the order. I have still not had a refund B&Q have said it would have been ...

ClaireM66 by New Community Member
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