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Using PayPal Debit Card For Amazon/Pay In 4

I have a PayPal debit card ($0 balance) as a payment option on my Amazon account. I want to use the Pay In 4 option for my purchase. If I choose the debit card and the purchase amount qualifies for Pay In 4, will I be given that option? In other word...

Bamatami by Contributor
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Seller took payment and cancel order

As you can read I bought an item on a website, I paid with PayPal received an email that the transaction was canceled, and supposedly by me!! And I didn't, received an email it was refunded but look on my bank statement I was charged for it .. i wrot...

Kufaxx by New Community Member
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Seller protection

Is seller protection a total scam? No matter what evidence I provide it doesn’t seem to be enough. I’ve provided timelines of order received, entering of tracking details, post office receipt which include time of postage, tracking info and delivery ...

Cryptocurrency to clear international transactions

Do I have to make a cryptocurrency purchase to clear an international transaction to be able to receive a payment? Someone told be I have to buy cryptocurrency to be able to get the payment from them, because it is international. He also stated that ...

Neahess by New Community Member
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Sending money from buyer - Was it a scam?

Hello,I received a letter on facebook from person that she wants to buy my painting and wants to pay on Paypal. I gave her my link for payment: paypalme/Afonskaya, but she said she can't use it and need my paypal email address, because she has a busi...