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Enable billing address return for a sandbox account

We're are using the PayPal Express Checkout via Braintree SDK integration for our subscription purchase flow. We request you to enable setting to return buyer's Billing Address for below given Sandbox accounts Sandbox account id - ZRRVPGJLNCFT4 Thank...

AshishN by New Community Member
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PayPal credit balance payment not leaving account

I paid off the remainder of my full balance on 18th June (Tuesday), it’s now 23rd and whilst my balance on PayPal now says zero that I owe, the available balance is still reflecting as if I had not made a payment and no money has left my bank account...

Beebee7 by New Community Member
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Why do the PayPal buy buttons not work on my website?

My PayPal buy buttons haven't worked on my website in months and months. Every attempt to contact PayPal about the issue gets no response. I'm in the U.S. and my account is in good standing and always has been. How can I get this issue resolved? Than...

iqrg by New Community Member
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Impossible to add Credit Mutuel bank account

Bonjour, J'ai de l'argent sur PayPal que j'aimerais transférer vers mon compte en banque. Mais lorsque je veux ajouter mon compte CREDIT MUTUEL, lorsque je finis la procédure d'authentification forte sur mon smartphone, Paypal me dit qu'il est imposs...

ZeTriple by New Community Member
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sandbox paypal and am I scammed? what do I do?

what do I of if people tricked me into making a sandbox account and put 5,000 in the account even I can't touch the touch or accept it, then end sending more money which made the money go up to $8,750 and now they're trying to get me send more money ...

bzmck28 by New Community Member
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Stay logged in

PayPal has been logging out my account after a period of inactivity. This is new behavior, and troublesome as there is no warning to allow me to remain logged so that I can keep the information I'm currently viewing on screen. To make it more frustra...

tonyyyyyyy by New Community Member
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Money has been sent but hasn't been received

Hello Yesterday afternoon I sent my friend some money through PayPal. They came up as a contact with their full name so I know it's them, it was sent as a friend and family payment. This is the first time I'm paying them. Although the money is showin...