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Resolved! Friend and family scammed

So i tried to buy an online item,and the Seller insisted to do it in F&F we did It and i got scammed 100€,the thing is i did It through my debit card,is there a way i can get this money refunded somehow or just deal with It? I Heard a guy got mon...

Hurtain by Contributor
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Notes box missing now

Are there No more Notes box?   I request my customers to send address and what purchase is for?  But there's only minimum information now?

YoDaddy by Contributor
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Send refund money to withdraw money

I sold an item on Facebook marketplace and it was for £250 and they sent the money through PayPal and the customer service agent and they want me to send it to a bank account and they gave me a sort code and account number. just wanted to know if it ...

User4939 by New Community Member
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Facebook/Instagram donor names coming in as Anonymous

We get a lot of donations via FB/IG. When you pull a donation activity report out of FB, you can see the names of the donors. When you pull the report from PayPalGivingFund, "anonymous" appears in all of the name fields for any donations that were gi...

megnyc by Contributor
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Paypal limitations

After near 10+yrs of using PP they've for no reason at all have decided to permanently limit my account,actually stating "i can't use PayPal" Without any explanation. I've called them in numerous occasions and their customer service also ha...

Anthony272 by New Community Member
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account limitations

how i received account limitation twice? first paypal put my account June 5, 2023 to permanent limitation and cant no longer use means i cant use my account and all i need to do is to wait for 180 days so i can transfer the funds that paypal holds bu...

DasallaA by Contributor
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