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Needed: Back Pain Treatment Expenses

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you today with a heavy heart and a sincere plea for assistance. Recently, I have been experiencing severe and debilitating pain in my back, which has hindered my ability to perform daily activities ...

Cheikh123 by New Community Member
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Problem Linking bank account, redirect o home page

Hey i have this problem since 5 or 6 months!I'm trying to add another bank account to my PayPal, but when i click "link bank button" it redirect me to the dashboard page . I mean i didn't even get the page where i can enter the bank information's. An...

Mr_Ayoub by Contributor
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Facebook Marketplace- seller scam

Hi, I made a payment to a seller on Facebook for postage fee via PayPal and the item wasn’t posted to me as agreed and he has refused to refund my postage fee, I told him I will send the whole money to him of the phone as goods and service but he sai...

Paypal taking money twice

Last week I sent a 36 euro payment to somebody. I didn't realize that my bank account was down to zero, so Paypal "lent" me the money and informed me I was to deposit some money to pay them back.  I put the money on my bank account, which shows that ...

Page redirected when i click "link a bank account"

Hello Everyone, I have an issue that seems to not make sense. When i try to add a new bank account to my account, as soon as i click " link a new bank" button on money page, i get redirected to homepage dashboard i have tried different devices, used ...

anas90 by Contributor
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New (?) scam tactic

Greetings! Longtime PayPal user... just experienced a new (?) type of seller scam... very simple, and hard for a buyer to detect, and harder to defend. This is what just happened to me, and unraveling it with PayPal has been a nightmare: 1. Made a pu...

lsmith42 by New Community Member
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Resolved! Instagram Sugarbaby Scam

Receiving direct messages on Instagram offering to be a sugarbaby with a 5 thousand dollar allowance a week, no nudes or sexting just companionship. They will then ask you for your PayPal link and email address, tell you the payment is on hold or pen...