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Resolved! Can I use paypal if I am from Russia?

Hello I have such a question - can I use and receive and pay on the Internet where it is possible through paypal funds on my paypal although I am from Russia but not to withdraw funds directly because of this conflict, but for example through an exch...

Issue send funds

Hi please am trying to send funds with my Netspend prapaid card on PayPal with the service Friend and family but it not going through and i have not set my card to preferred for online payment I want to know what mighty be the problem, but am able to...

PayPal Buttons not visible

Please help,I have generated the PayPal buttons and placed the code on my webpage.Using the default Client-id the buttons are visible on the page.When i insert my Testing client id i have errors. <script src="

How do i gain access to my bank balance?

So I've set up my account and veriried a Giro card, I've gone through the process where I sent 1cent to Paypal and I've since received it back. How do I now gain access to my Bank balance through the Paypal app? Is there somethj

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PayPal fraud

Seller has sent refund to PayPal and PayPal has lost my refund or paid to someone else amounting to theft by PayPal

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