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Declined transaction for 5TH, about $1

I received two message from my bank about declined transaction for service 5TH, about $1. After I call them to check they told me that this transaction is initiated by Paypal. I thought it maybe verification but why Paypal will do verification for ol...

Ackopk by New Community Member
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Withhold status in transaction

I have transferred money to a seller. The seller is unable to access the money even thought the payment status is complete. The seller says the amount has gone into withhold status. As he is a new seller, how can again access to the money and how lon...

Has anybody else had Paypal steal their money?

Has anybody else had Paypal steal their money and take no responsibility for it? $500 into thin air and Paypal customer service is a disgrace!Second time it happens in 2 years, where paypal keep any refund you're supposed to receive, they ignore you ...

Authentication fees

Hi, i just randomly won a giveaway yesterday but i don't have a paypal account so i created one. The person send me 3000$ with proofs, and paypal send him a notification said that the payment will be completed once i pay an authentication fees of 50$...

Saturlen by New Community Member
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In the last month I have tried to pay for goods/services from checkout in several different seller's web pages and it won't work.  I get a popup screen with a spinning circle and nothing happens; I am not redirected to Paypal.  Then the popup disappe...

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MJHOWE by New Community Member
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