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PayPal stole my money

I received $100 and had it on my PayPal balance, I was going to give it to a friend of mine as a gift. But when I woke up, I was surprised that $80 was taken from that $100, leaving $20 on my balance. No activity was shown that took the $80. I have c...

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Because of Paypal I couldn't buy my game on sale.

How long does PayPal hold my money? It's been a week since I put $6 to buy BF4 on Steam, but Paypal withheld my money, and the $5.80 Battlefield offer ended. Because of Paypal I couldn't buy the game. Who can I complain to? If I could give PayPal a r...

Unable to add a bank account after waiting some time

2 days ago i tried to add my bank account to my paypal account but the deposit that does verification was hidden in my bank statements 3 menus in basically impossible to see unless you explore so i thought im going to get notification about it but no...