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friends and family in saudi arabia

why friends and family isn't a thing in the middle east and exactly in Saudi Arabia i have been using paypal for ages and the only bad thing that i hate about paypal that i cant send funds to my friends outside or inside of my country without tax!

NaiFL by New Community Member
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Paying off PayPal credit failed

The last few times I have made a payment to my PayPal credit it has failed. Is there a way I can set up a faster payment system payment from my bank account? It's like they don't want the money.It is annoying because if I don't realise I might spend ...

SnazyAnn by New Community Member
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Finding your account statement

Does anyone know how on Paypal you can get to see a summary of your account - you know, just like a normal bank statement - nothing fancy just receipts, transfers out, charges etc - the sort of information most people might want to access from time t...

Sellers scam buyers supported by Paypal!

Why are PayPal making it so easy for sellers to scam these days? All a seller has to do when a dispute is raised Is keep asking for photos, even if they have received them. PayPal then closes the dispute. No questions asked. I think it is time to sto...

PhilM64 by New Community Member
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Resolved! Unidentified Payment to My.Games B.V

I just checked the backlog of my Paypal activity and discovered an April 29th transfer of 100 US$ from my account to an account titled "My.Games B.V", with transaction ID 2KV25251326558609 and biller ID B-4XG90342N92738346. I do not recognize making ...