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My account has been permanently closed for the 2nd time

Dear community members and Paypal team, hello everyone,In our Paypal usage adventure, our Paypal account was permanently closed for the second time.When we received notification that our account was permanently closed for the first time, we quickly c...

FurkanA by Contributor
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Why is the sending fee increased today from $4.99 to $74.89?

Why is the sending fee increased today from $4.99 to $74.89? Only yesterday I sent money. Never mind the 10% fee for the money exchange, which is criminal, but the fee is insane now! If you send, for example, 100 bucks, the recipient only receives $1...

oldmemes by Contributor
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Resolved! Is it possible to send some one money from US to Russia

As of Feb 2024 can i send someone money from US to Russia. I used to help out this lady that battling cancer and has little child and has no family but I was unable to even find russia on the list to choose from since the war started with Ukraine but...

Lsivtsov by Contributor
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Compliance Violation

hi, I am try to use PAYPAL API in my website and I test sandbox and it works but when I go live it give me compliance violation, I confirmed email and put all information needed from me, also when I try buy product from my website it charged my perso...

redbee by New Community Member
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Return case - How to obtain return address?

Had to open the case as seller send the item which wasn't as described. The case got closed in my favour, but in order to get a refund I have to return the item back to the seller and have to provide a prove of return, unfortunately there is no retur...

klm478 by New Community Member
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