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Help resolving my balance, without direct debit.

I have an outstanding balance I need to pay, as PayPal didn't take the money. I hen realised my bank won't take direct debit from PayPal. Is there another way to resolve my balance with out direct debit. It's only £18.87 or something, but I'm a worri...


  How do I pre-populate my customer's PayPal sign-up form?If youve already collected your customers information you can pass it to PayPal to prepopulate the first page of a new customers signup form Begin by choosing which fields and parameters you w...

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Payment shown on bank statements but not on PayPal

I'm really at a loss here. A site that I used before (called Madrinas Coffee) suddenly decided to remove "Portugal" as one of the listed countries. It allowed me to log in through PayPal to confirm my address, which was what I did. It still gave me a...

Atlantic Canada

Briquao co.,ltd is a scam they pulled a fast one refunded me 0.01 USD and said case is closed they own me 63.45 USD FUNDS PAYPAL PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT INSTEAD OF IGNORING ME

Link the card to a new account

Good afternoon.Please tell me how to solve the following problem.I linked one of my cards to one PayPal account. Then I deleted her (unlinked her from this account) in order to link her to another account and now in this other account she does not wa...

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