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I wanted to ask the PayPal officials this question. Now what if money got sent to a PayPal account on suspension or inactive will the money be returned to the sender or it’s been lost? I was suppose to receive a payment for some work done but before ...

Cantrill12 by New Community Member
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Help! Paypal is blocking over 20.000 EUR!

Help! Paypal is blocking over 20.000 EUR from our account for no reason at all! We have been using them for over 5 years, have no chargebacks or other issues and they are not sending us the funds! We are a small business and absolutely needs our fund...

maxp300 by New Community Member
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PayPal Website Payments Pro

 Hello, how are you? Can anyone help me set up PayPal Website Payments Pro? After I set it up, it's not allowing the transaction. It's saying the card is declined.invoice ID => 17User ID => 1Amount => 0.05TIMESTAMP => 2023-09-22T17:49:33ZCORRELATIONI...

graffyhost by New Community Member
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Resolved! Money paid on PayPal isn’t showing up on my hank account

Hi, I paid a transaction for a purchase I made on the PayPal app but it is not showing as deducted from my bank account although it says it has been paid on PayPal. I have waited the 2-3 working days for it to show up in my outgoing bank transactions...

loz_ by New Community Member
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Can I get the PayPal digital card being from Moldova?

Hi everyone!I've created a PayPal account from Moldova and linked two bank cards to it. I've had the PayPal account for a few years now and I have monthly transactions on it.I want to create a PayPal card, but I'm unable to do so. I've read that to c...