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desperately seeking help!!

A family member has been subject to a dispute for a service he provided. Customer has won the dispute unfairly PP have closed the case leaving him with £1000+ negative balance. Can PP take the funds from his bank account without his permission?

lesley711 by New Community Member
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How can I block an account?

Hello, I would like to block an account. I bought an ticket online, but shortly after discovert that they are scamers and could potencially withdraw more money without my permission. I tried to block them on paypal but the email doesnt show on accoun...

Nikoletann by New Community Member
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I need a bit of help.

So,today i linked my debit card onto my paypal account (Aircash) on the aircash application it says i have 1.80 on it (im broke i know.). But on paypal it doesnt show i have 1.80 on there a problem or am i just stupid?

GajaHorvay by New Community Member
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When trying to link my us bank account or activate 2FA security it keeps saying (we couldn't confirm it's you....need help) Please what should I do?

PayPal email contents all jumbled up

I’m a seller and typically when I get a payment email it lists out all of the items purchased, one by one. Now I get an email saying: “Shopping Cart Item# E16THC-LANDSK-DOPPEL-PK,E16THC-LANDSK-MITTEL-HLB,E16THC-LANDSK-BLUSS-PK,E16THC-LANDSK-ARQUEBUS,...

Negative balance

I was having a negative balance of $80 on my PayPal account but someone sent $20 to my paypal account. In which i was expecting them to credits my accounts. Up to now have not received anything since last week ago. Please assistance me.

Mesileya by New Community Member
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