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The seller has started refund asking me to pay him othrr way

Hellou, The seller contact me asking if I can pay him diferent way since:"My money has been frozen. I will return the money to you first. After you receive the money, you can pay me by other means. OK?" He has started refund and I g...

klabud1 by New Community Member
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Paypal verify bank account

Paypal is stating that they have sent the verification funds in my ICICI PERSONAL account to verify the bank account but its not reflecting in my bank account to verify the details.

help!!! Cannot transfer funds to bank account for 3+ weeks!!

help!!! I have been trying to transfer money into my bank account for 3 weeks and have had zero luck! I call customer service every day and they tell me the algorithm is stopping the transfer of funds due to fraud detection???? I am desperate as I ca...

Emily193 by Contributor
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Resolved! Can I use paypal if I am from Russia?

Hello I have such a question - can I use and receive and pay on the Internet where it is possible through paypal funds on my paypal although I am from Russia but not to withdraw funds directly because of this conflict, but for example through an exch...

v2/vault/payment-tokens API 403 Forbidden Error.

Hello PayPal Community,I am testing the v2/vault/payment-tokens API in the sandbox environment, but I am encountering a 403 error with the message:"issue": "NOT_ENABLED_FOR_VAULT_SOURCE","description": "The API caller or the merchant on whose behalf ...

raycpt by Contributor
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My appeal was denied what can I do next?

Sent PayPal my delivery screenshots that clearly shows it was impossible that the items I bought were delivered to me. They denied my appeal. Is there anything I can do next? Very disappointed. I will be calling back, but thought I might see what oth...

Nene50 by New Community Member
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Resolved! Unable to link/add bank account iban

I am currently add/link a bank account to my EU bank account.  None of the ibans i own are however not accepted; only refered as "Given iban is incorrect, try again later".anyone have tips how to remedy this?