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How to view decline transactions

I feel like this should be a simple task but I've looked on the app I've looked on the mobile page I've looked on the desktop page I can't seem to find this information anywhere and of course customer service is currently unavailable

Unable to Confirm Bank Account Due to "PayPal: Internal Error"

Hello, I am experiencing an issue with confirming my bank account. For several days now, I have been trying to confirm it without success. I have received the two small payments from PayPal, and these amounts have already been withdrawn from my bank ...

GraDi by New Community Member
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I cant request an increase?

Hi, I´m from Mexico, I get the advice "Future payments may be put on hold for up to 21 days Know your options ", then i get the option to increase my amount, but when i try to send the request it keep saying "Something went wrong. Please try again", ...

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jaeneHz by Contributor
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Unauthorized Charges

1. Unauthorized Charges: A total of €3000 was charged from my accounts to pay for ads—€2400 from PayPal and €600 from my credit card. I need a refund for these charges. The bank refunded me, but PayPal is refusing to refund the €2400 and hasn’t justi...

Refund based on seller guarantee

The refund process needs to include an option based on guarantees. I purchased a product with the following money-back guarantee. The seller is not communicating with me. WarriorPlus (the platform they used to sell their product) is not taking any ac...

Cheree3 by New Community Member
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