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Unfairly perma ban

I registered a few days ago with an email that I used before I closed the account and reopened it after i moved from Canada to Australia I linked my debit card and tried to link my bank account (the 2 transactions never came in yet) And I received a ...

pfpuwu by Contributor
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Paypal and eBay loves scammers

Paypal is always in favor with scammers and eBay as well... when an item is delivered by USPS is not 100 percent accurate it was delivered at the right address. Paypal knows your hands are tied and still do nothing to help. Obviously they will have l...

Jovianna77 by New Community Member
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Limited account.

I have made numerous attempts at contacting PayPal.  I sent them requested information.  They said they unlocked my accounts, but it is still locked.  It won’t process the social security inquiry and says try again later.  I’m getting more frustrated...

claim money back later

A customer has paid a for renting room though PayPal in advance, now, when he leaves the room, can he claim the money later back and may I lost it?

didn´t received money

hi, i sent my friend a 100dollars but he said he didnt received it yet, then i sent him 8 cents just to make sure it was right account and he said it came instantly. . . . . .i live in czech republic and he is in USA. what should i do? isnt it weird?...

kuba10 by New Community Member
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Resolved! Unable to Confirm Sandbox Email Address

I have created a sandbox account that needs the email address that linked to the gravity forms add ons Paypal Checkout. I cant use the add ons if my email is not verified and im not getting any email. please helpmerchant ID on PayPal: MZH7PCASNG4Q2

Totalhill is using PayPal to scam purchasers

I purchased a Wen Oscillating Spindle Sander from a website named  They encouraged the use of PayPal to pay for the purchase.  The total cost of my purchase was $146.  I received an order confirmation email from Totalhill the following...