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Uber payment uk limited

I’ve just had a charge of £5.99 for Uber payment UK, however the transaction does not show on my uber account, possibly someone has used my paypal account to pay for a uber service. I’ve disputed with paypal, have change my password and now got an em...

Hacked account and scam message/invoice for bitcoin payment

I received this text message “PayPal:The issuance of Bitcoin (BTC) was successful. If you did not authorize this transaction, please contact our support department etc….; because nobody has cancelled the money request for $299.99 AUD.” My account sho...

KT-555 by New Community Member
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Payment not available despite being already linked

I never send money to anyone, only received so far and never have been a problem, a few days ago I tried to send money to someone and for some reason I couldn't use my already linked bank/card, it just asks me to add/link one and when I try nothing h...

Refund Money

Hello, I need refund all my money for my friend because, he asked them to support them at home for now.But my account is limited and he is very angry with me.Please help his account email is already registered in paypal. Thanks, Miras

pixelxxx by New Community Member
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How to cancel pending payment

Hi PayPal community support. I have recently tried buying something from Samsung online store but due to an error, I was not able to buy it. Samsung says my transaction did not go through and there is no record of me paying them.I get this because my...

arctic3 by New Community Member
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