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Unauthorized transaction dispute being denied?

Unauthorized transaction dispute being denied? My PayPal credit account information was stolen and used to purchase bunch of online games and gift cards. Been with PayPal for years and the first time I need their help to solve an issue they deny my c...

DeusesPR by New Community Member
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Resolved! My account suddenly became "permanently limited"

My account suddenly became "permanently limited". There are no disputes or issues with money. Customer support can't tell me why. And now I can't even close the account. My bank info is tied to this account and if you're going to kick me off for reas...

Item missing software / hardware

I would like to know how Paypal would handle a significantly not described item that is missing 2 main features (touch screen and carplay)  that they are now selling for more than $100 extra.   This was not clearly marked on the website when I purcha...

Cannot add any ID to account, page doesn't work

Currently have a limited account, it tells me there's steps to resolve this issue (likely adding identification). Whenever I try to open the page to add ID, the page crashes, saying; "Try again later." This has been going on for three days now, and t...

Issue with Received Funds from a Friend

Hello Community, I'm facing a peculiar situation regarding funds that a friend sent me, and I'm hoping to get some guidance on how to resolve it.Recently, I received a notification via email indicating that my friend had sent me some money. However, ...

Can't Report a Transaction due to 0 price product!

Hello,I have a problem with a seller. I am trying to claim a dispute through PayPal, but the seller has added a product in my order with 0,00 USD price. Paypal don't let me deselect this product, and when I am trying to proceed the claim, don't let m...

How to add a biller?

Hello there,   My HOA Association & my local utility company (Socal Gas) did not show up on the list of billers.  How do I add them?Thank you! Peter

plin924 by Contributor
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