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Enabling Payouts in Paypal dev

Hi all, When trying to enable payouts, I am presented with this: After no form, or anything I click on the Contact Us button, which just sends me to which redirects me to

Screen Shot 2563-02-20 at 17.16.06.png Screen Shot 2563-02-20 at 17.18.08.png
Ben2020 by Contributor
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User authentication failed

I'm having a problem.  I have 2 websites and on both websites I'm using Payflow_dotNET.dll for transactions.   Website 1 - Transactions work fine and has been working for over a year.   Website 2 - same code but different user credentials.  Sandbox t...

All of our test accounts are failing

All test accounts are failing on multiple browsers. Rebooted and tested with multiple browsers. All settings were working yesterday. All are failing today. When we open ALL test accounts for edit, and look at funding, we see class="balance. this part...

Jay-PC by Contributor
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