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Error 400 on Sandbox Account while payment

I am integrating PAYPAL in android App. I created one sandbox account for testing, flow is good but after charge card button click on SDK it show error like "Vendor account dose not have a confirm email". This is the debug id : 46edc67b0f756 got on d...


proplem in paypal integration android

I am making an e-commerce android app for a client using phpmyAdmin I need to integrate paypal ,that's why i use paypal documentation to do that . i faced problem with paying to merchant from client that money don't transfer . i search but i didn't f...

Can't Link my Sandbox to my Dev Account

I am trying to link my Sandbox account to my developer account but I keep on getting this error"Something went wrong. Your sandbox account could not be linked to your developer account. Try again.If you wish to report this error please include the fo...

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