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DPRP is not enabled for this merchant error (Sandbox)

Hey,I am using a WordPress website with GetPaid addon enabling Paypal pro API. However I have been tying to get payment via my PayPal in no avail (sandbox mode) and getting this error: DPRP is not enabled for this merchant error (Sandbox)Please advic...

3lij4h by Contributor
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INVALID RESOURCE ID paypal Cancel Subcription

While I tried to cancel the paypal subscription in sandbox account I received error below. When the below error occured ? What is the solution for this ?{"name": "RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND","message": "The specified resource does not exist.","debug_id": "86...

Esakki by Contributor
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Resolved! Application Editor crashes (500 Internal Server Error)

Hello, I encountered an error with the page (<app_id>)Whenever I try to edit the Default Application, I get a blank page. Console output: { "status": 500, "debugId": "f9d1bddca6508", "tim...

Missing shipping address with billingAgreement API

Hi,I'm setting up new sandbox account for development.When I'm trying to create billing agreement by token using /v1/billing-agreements/agreement-tokens API I don't receive shippingAddress. In other sandbox account that already exist (under other pay...

Sandbox web hooks not receiving

 I am currently developing a php application and I have configured express payment.Everything is ok as far as I confirm payment, I am successfully redirect to the configured success page but  after that nothing happens at all . I would have expected ...

How to test Pay in 3 within Sandbox

I'm trying to test a "Pay In 3" transaction within the Sandbox but it insists on using a Debit Card.I've tried with some static Debit Card details found online but it says they have already been used.There is a card number generator but that seems to...

POSLTD by Member
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