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Sandbox webhook resend button doesn't work

I am working on a PayPal integration which uses webhooks. I have set the webhook endpoint up accordingly in my local development environment, which uses an SSH tunnel to make it visible to the internet so that PayPal's requests can get through. I've ...

MikkyX by Contributor
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Why am I not seeing HTTP responses for IPN?

I hope someone can help guide me on this.  I've had IPNs working for years with Paypal and suddenly they just stopped working one day.  MY IPNs are enabled and my URL endpoint has not changed.  It is using SSL.  I'm using the PHP examples I found on ...

Sandbox Payment Status always pending why?

Hi All, I trying to make test payment on the paypal sandbox but always failing to do so for my NOPCommerce site. After completing the transaction I getting the payment status as pending. Below is what I got in the logPayPal IPN: mc_gross: 1.00 invoic...

IPN shows failed status

Hello, I am trying to get notify by notify_url. I've added notify_url in the Buy Now button's form. I've done payment as usual. Payment got succeed. But in the IPN history It's showing the failed status. I need help with this. No http response codeSa...

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saifiyan by Contributor
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Can't change IPN Notification URL

A few days ago I changed my notification URL under "account settings / website payments/Instant payments notifications/update"   I changed the notification URL (which has been working correctly since 2002) to a new one.   However, PayPal is still pos...

peterhoa by Contributor
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IPN testing in sandbox

Hello everyone! ContextI am helping a small non-profit setup an automated workflow which would record their paypal donations into their airtable database.IPN seems to be the correct tool for the task, so I set out to test how difficult the integratio...

IPN failure with Godaddy

I have problem with IPN (Sandbox)... All messages to my callback url are listed in IPN history, but they all failed, with "HTTP response" BLANK (no error code returned).. my website *.com is hosted on Godaddy, with SSL certificate and dedicated IP ad...

Where can I find IP address for IPN? IPN doesn't working

Hello, I have problem with PayPal IPN on my website. It doesn't working for a few weeks already. I contacted my server webhosting. They need to know specific IP address for that IPN to check if that IP address is not blocked or something like that. B...

Rono007 by Contributor
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No IPN History in Sandbox

HelloI have a sandbox account, which is set up as a business/business account. I have set up the IPN notifications, but when I pay via the sandbox, no IPN operations appear in the IPN history.The payments themselves are recorded in the sandbox, but a...

FFiedler by Contributor
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