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Missing shipping address with billingAgreement API

Hi,I'm setting up new sandbox account for development.When I'm trying to create billing agreement by token using /v1/billing-agreements/agreement-tokens API I don't receive shippingAddress. In other sandbox account that already exist (under other pay...

Sandbox web hooks not receiving

 I am currently developing a php application and I have configured express payment.Everything is ok as far as I confirm payment, I am successfully redirect to the configured success page but  after that nothing happens at all . I would have expected ...

Issue with Sandbox account webhooks

Hello! I have a sandbox business account and application working. My integration uses subscriptions and relies on webhooks. I have a webhook registered for PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED but this event is never sent. The sandbox account merchant ID which the...

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Resolved! Unable to Confirm Sandbox Email Address

I have created a sandbox account that needs the email address that linked to the gravity forms add ons Paypal Checkout. I cant use the add ons if my email is not verified and im not getting any email. please helpmerchant ID on PayPal: MZH7PCASNG4Q2

Unable to complete Seller Onboarding in Sandbox

We've connected up to the REST API to create a partner referral. Following the returned action_url kicks off the PayPal interaction to request 3rd party permissions from the customer. The dialog starts ok, and for new customers, goes through a couple...