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Not receiving security code

I'm not able to log in to my Paypal account.When I try to log in, the system takes me to the security check, with the message:"We sent a security code to..."But I do not receive any message.I had to go through the same procedure earlier, but I used t...

Branko21 by Contributor
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How to trust my device

Hi,   The problem is still there and it looks like PayPal has decided to disable the trusted device feature, but didn't update all the documentation: Here you can clearly read it: SpoilerIf you have...

gks13 by Contributor
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Impossible to get past Captchas!

The fact that I have to go through forums to ask users for ideas instead of Paypal itself says everything.As so many others have said over the past several years, I can't log in- when I try it says I've tried too many times and I have to solve a CAPT...

LairdKeir by New Community Member
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Not receiving SMS from PayPal

Hello, for about a week I have not been able to access my account. Every time I try to log into my account, it says they need a quick security check. Every time I choose a "text" I don't receive it. When I choose "Contact" on the other hand, it goes ...

Abor3b2 by Contributor
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