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Resolved! Accidentally confirmed US taxpayer status

Hello community! I am a citizen of Armenia, temporarily resident of neighboring Georgia. I have never been in US, don't have a business in US, don't have a Green Card and am not a US taxpayer. But while linking my Payoneer account to my PayPal accoun...

I created an account in the US by mistake

I wanted to create a PayPal business account here in Taiwan, but because my browser settings are in English, PayPal decided that to give me a US account...I realized it because I cannot enter a Taiwanese address, I must select a US state to continue....

epsitest by Contributor
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account share

Hi , Myself and my friends would like save some money for a a purchase but don't want to go through all hustle opening a bank account so is it possible to get an account on PayPal then share the password among us.

Ben521 by Contributor
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I cannot go to the pay pal website

I cannot go to the paypal website. Every single time i try to it will just redirect me to I tried creating a buissness account a while ago and realised i didnt meet the requirements to do so. I just closed it...

clamtour by Contributor
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Multiple Wallets on a Single Account

How can I make an account for my teenage daughter to sell her art or add multiple wallets to my single account? Or is there a way to make sub-accounts in your main Paypal account or something like that so that they money is separated?

EdwardAF by New Community Member
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