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Problem with login

Hello, I have a problem in the authentication phase.I created a PayPal business account directly on www.paypal.smThe company is from the Republic of San Marino, but when I have to authenticate it gives me the following error during authentication.Can...

Cannot connect with PayPal. Need to use an email

I’m living in Colombia and using a local phone provider . I cannot receive text messages. I “must” contact PayPal but they don’t communicate by email which is my only option. Please help. I need to transfer a large sum of money to a dental surgeon.

Impossible to Log out from IOS device

Not when sure where this is even supposed to go but it is PHYSICALLY impossible to logout from a paypal account that you don’t have the password to on IOS. A colleague needed to use my phone to complete a PayPal transaction and forgot to logout, PayP...

skatina by New Community Member
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Disable my account with balance

I want to disable my account having a balance of less than £1. I moved countries and would like to open a new account with the new information, but it's impossible to disable the current account.

CiriceMT by Contributor
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Time zone Account

What happens if you change your time zone on PayPal? Will it make transfers arrive faster? Like what’s the whole purpose of changing the time zone? Does it do anything?

No access to mobile so can't complete 2FA

  I have moved away from Germany back to the UK. My German mobile number has been disconnected so I can't complete 2FA and access my account to close it. I don't speak German but was guided to call a German number for help which was difficult with th...

xstoph by New Community Member
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