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Hi all, I've completed my KYC and all verifications and I received the famous message " your payment's waiting" the sender did send me the money but I can't find the amount on my wallet, and there is nothing in Resolution center and the receiving currency is USD, it is my first payment on PayPal, I live in the United Arab Emirates, can you help please.

I can't find any way to solve this puzzle 

the email: Before we can deposit the money into your account, we need a bit more information about your account or recent transactions. To provide that, just log in to your account, and go to your account overview. Select the more menu, then choose the link that takes you to our Resolution Center.

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Hello @shaiba


Welcome! Thank you for joining PayPal's Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear there's been some issues receiving funds to your account. Thank for letting us know what and where you've checked already. I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Support teams to see what options they recommend next. 


Best wishes!


 - Jon K

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