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rejected payment

How can I contact PayPal about a vendor who sent me money through PayPal but PayPal rejected it and returned it to the vendor.I tried representive. He said he did not see anything. I tried message twice both failed.Is there email address I can use?. 

philb561 by Contributor
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Payment gone to wrong account

Can anyone assist as I have tried customer services and they keep giving me a different story . My friend has sent a payment on Sunday and it never reached me . I rang PayPal yesterday and they have told me it’s gone to my profile and not my email . ...

TBinn by Contributor
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Encountered issue

I'm getting this issue when trying to recieve money "Your PayPal account encountered issues. Please contact PayPal support to correct any issues and confirm that your account is able to receive payments." Can I please get some help ...

Pratik73 by New Community Member
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Money on hold

Hey. I sold my laptop on the 20th of November and am still yet to receive the funds from the buyer. It says the transaction is on hold still and I had this problem the last time I tried to sell something through PayPal. Please help as this is a signi...

Mikimooloo by New Community Member
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Paypal Error Message

A friend tried to send me money into my Friends and Family account but got an error message from PP as follows. PP does not allow payments to this country. We are both in the uk but i haven't used my account recently. I logged in and all seemed ok, a... payment returned from paypal

i should receive money from some amount, they told me:Your recent PayPal payment has been returned to us by PayPal.   The funds have been returned to your CanStock account.If you are unsure why the payment has been returned, please ...

ibrak by Contributor
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