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Payment can't be completed due to regulations error

Hello,I am trying to receive a payment from another country, I've got an Albanian account but every time the customer tries to send me the payment he gets the error "Sorry, the payment can't be completed due to regulations."I've already verified my C...

itsDenDen by New Community Member
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Lamoon Limited

I cannot find seller information and I don't see a Transaction Details anywhere I want to return items purchased

NelsonHe by New Community Member
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Refunds -

Hi All ! - why don't PayPal show what the purchased item is ? ,i order a lot of 'stuff' and when i file the invoice away , i can't remember what the bill relates to!- this is a real issue if i need a refund , cos' all it says is [ for example ] 'paid...

Final price paid was Greater than expected

I ordered an item from the USA just now. U it Price $29.99. Postage $8.99. Total shoukd be $38.98. But tital reads in confirnation email, as $49.79/€47.33. Can someone explain this difference, please?

Macuisle by New Community Member
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Paypal in the red, but money deducted from my bank account?

Heyho community, thanks in advance for hearing me out!I've had some payments from my PP account (which is connected to my irl bank account), and unfortunately, they bounced. As soon as my bank account had the coverage, the money was deducted as inten...

moko271 by Contributor
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Currency conversion from Paypal to Bank?

Since the last three months, for every transaction, by default, paypal automatically converts the transaction from USD to local currency.  Though I have not requested for it nor is the local currency mentioned in the list of currencies.  How do I sto...

ums_2017 by New Community Member
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Resolved! Cancelled unclaimed payment

I made a payment using a debit card to the wrong payees account. It was unclaimed so I immediately cancelled it The pament has still been debited. Is this correct? Will my debit card be refunded at some point? The transaction shows as "cancelled...

AlanJ65 by Contributor
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