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How can I add a line break in the PayPal payout note?

Hi, When sending out a mass-payout, I'm trying to add a line break in the note to receipients, but all empty lines get truncated and the text comes as a single long line. Tried adding <br> to the string, didn't work.Any suggestions?

Awe3ome by New Community Member
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Resolved! Can't request my API Credentials for Live Account

I have access to the sandbox API creds but on, there is no option to "Request API Credentials" under NVP/SOAP API. it only says "Manage API Credentials" and on click it says "Couldn't confirm it's you".Though I have put a request from deve...

All Legacy API credential questions here please.

To request API Signature or Certificate credentials for your PayPal account: Log in to your PayPal Live or Sandbox account.Under Profile, select Profile and settings. 3. Click My selling tools   4. In the API access section, click Update.     5. U...

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Masspay upload function not working

Something is wrong with Masspay today. When I try to upload the pay list, the system will just show the processing icon and eventually fail. I have tried using Firefox and Chrome. A look at the console, I can see that the browser tries to process htt...

kohym by New Community Member
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how to implement MassPay API Operation (SOAP) with php

Hello there, I am stuck with the payment issue,I want to pay some of the amount to the other user from the paid amount, I am trying it with the mass pay but its not working in php. Can you please help me with issue.Or can you please let me know if th...

AkashKu by Contributor
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WooCommerce paypal plugin error

Hi, We've a WooCommerce(wp) website,We installed the wooCommerce PayPal Plguin for payment , After paying the amount by PayPal, we encounter an error , "we’re sorry: things don't appear to be working at the moment" + Encrypted Website Payments item i...