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BMCreateButton API throwing http-415 error

Hi , We are getting HHTP 415 error in our Prod for BMCreateButton API .  "Server returned HTTP response code: 415 for URL:". METHOD=BMCreateButtonBUTTONCODE=TOKENBUTTONTYPE=PAYMENT Request Header has:"Accept-Language", "...

All Legacy API credential questions here please.

To request API Signature or Certificate credentials for your PayPal account: Log in to your PayPal Live or Sandbox account.Under Profile, select Profile and settings. 3. Click My selling tools   4. In the API access section, click Update.     5. U...

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MTS_Ciaran by PayPal Employee
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Pay Later not showing up on live account

I have a integrated paypal and did not modify anything at all using a magento but somehow pay later does not show up on live account but on developer account, I can see the Pay later option? is it possible that this due to merchant account settings? 

How change API Username

When trying to generate a new Signature API, I get a username that brings an old domain I used. I've tried to update the business name and all the data, but the old user.domain still appears. Where and how to change it?

PayPal ButtonSearch API returning 10001

We use the ButtonSearch API to retrieve buttons for PayPal customers and have been receiving the 10001 error for almost every request over the past three days.  Is there a known problem with the API that is not reflected on the Status page? The respo...