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pending payment until delivery - courier isn't updating tracking

HI, I recently sold an item to a buyer over PayPal, he payed (with buyer protection) and I shipped the item. I added tracking info to PayPal and gave him tracking info too. I am aware that if you add tracking info, your funds will be released from pe...

6kram by New Community Member
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How long is a gas hold?

I bought gas with my PayPal 9/11. I paid inside, because when you pay inside, any amount over is supposed to be immediately released back to your card. In any event, they have three business days to release any temporary holds on your account. It's n...

KarissaA by New Community Member
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Apple hold

I orderd an ipad with my bank account on paypal it says This is a temporary authorization to make sure your payment method will cover the payment. Your payment method will be charged when Apple Inc completes your order. and on apple it says Your orde...

Money keeps being put on hold

Currently all of my orders are placed & picked up locally until I build my customer base & branch out more (I make tshirts). I have not shipped any of my orders since starting this account back in May due to them being picked up by the customers. My ...

HaleyF1991 by New Community Member
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Cancellation of payment

Hello,   Location: Germany   Transaction status: Hold   I mistakenly sent money to my friend as 'good and service' option. But, the money is on hold in my friend's acoount as she is not the seller and I can not cancel the payment. How I can receive t...

VOID TRANSACTIONS : Lies : mental anguish. etc

How do you get beyond a managerial lie "we tried to call you" when you know for a fact they didn't and speak to a real manager ?I am now witholding payments like they do to others, waiting for a human outcome to whatever it was that went wrong meanin...

#payment on hold

PayPal says it’s hold my payment up to 21 days. I’m not a new customer, so I don’t know why they’re doing this. Is there a way to get it sooner? & will my other checks be held too each week?

Resolved! Jumpstart reserve. What is it?

Yo! As the title says. Jumpstart Reserve. What's it all about?   More specifically, I am trying to locate the blurb about said reserve on the UK PayPal website and/or the UK PayPal user agreement. I could be being a total muppet, but I cannot find a ...

6F22 by Contributor
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