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Subject: Urgent Issue Regarding Funds Transfer to Chime AccountDear PayPal Customer Support,I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my frustration and disappointment regarding a recent issue I encountered while attempting to trans...

Kenneth67 by New Community Member
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Money added to PayPal account is still pending after a week

Hello I’m posting from the UK incase things are different and not world wide. In January I went into a negative balance without realising it- this was during a period of changing jobs after being unwell and leaving my last place. I’ve tried numerous ...

Emmah93 by New Community Member
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Withdrawal not complete

Hello. I am transferring money from my PayPal account to my Bank account almost every week. Today I have transferred a little amount of money from my PayPal account to my Bank account card (which is linked to my PayPal account) and transaction says "...

I need help in withdrawing issue please!

I was just wondering about something , since am very new in using PayPal.. I recently , requested a transfer or withdraw from my PayPal account to my debt card , and it’s been 2 days , I checked my bank balance but the money wasn’t there even thou I ...

PayPal error when linking bank account

Over the past few days, I've tried transferring money from my bank to PayPal, but it keeps getting rejected due to incorrect information on my bank account card via email. I updated and checked my PayPal name and information to match my bank account,...

Money not reflecting in Paypal that was taken from my bank

Where is the money Paypal has taken from my bank account a week ago in order to cover the minus amount in my Paypal account? My Paypal account still shows  minus 40 Euros, but Paypal already took it from my bank. Something is not right. It doesn't ta...

chuch66 by Contributor
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