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Bitcoin transferences

I have someone trying to transfer me bitcoins but says I have to pay a fee to receive the payment. Can someone explain to me if it’s a scam or if it’s normal? He already sent me two different links in which both ask for a fee payment to receive a cer...

Fee explanation - Sweden business, US client

I am a business based in Sweden with clients in the US. My fee when they pay an invoice is over 5%, about the same before I converted from personal to business. This seems way too high for business, but the fee structure seems excessively complicated...

The fee is too much for it to make sense?

So I want to transfer funds from PayPal account to my Mastercard but the fee is 14gel(around 5.5$) why is it this big? its my first time transferring funds, is that the reason? Also I try transferring funds to my linked bank account(bank of Georgia)a...

fee1.png fee 2.png

Resolved! Move USD from PayPal to USD account in Canada

I have a large USD balance in my PayPal account, and I want to transfer it to my USD bank account, in Canada.  I don't want to move the money from USD -> CAD -> USD as I will incur significant exchange fees.   I've tried several times to add my Canad...

ocgltd by Contributor
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Resolved! Fee for personal transaction

Today, I mailed a package for my granddaughter. I invoiced her for the amount (about $12). She promptly paid me in full, but PayPal charged me $0.90. I quickly perused the article on fees, but the article left me not fully understanding this fee. I u...

What are the merchant Fees?

I see on my website that there are no fees for customers and I see a message about Merchant fess what exactly are the Merchant Fees? And how much are they for online stores? 

LOYO001 by New Community Member
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Can't select friend, only says goods and services

I used to be able to choose friend when I sent money to friends but I can't anymore. Just says goods and services, there is no other selection. So I have to overpay my friends because I don't want to short them money when they get charged a transacti...

Bici by New Community Member
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