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How to disable entirely the automatic payment feature?

How to disable entirely the automatic payment feature?It is unacceptable that if i pay to an seller by PayPal, it will be automatically added to the active automatic payment list without my acnowledge.I want to disable this PayPal feature permanently...

Gabor2000 by Contributor
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Doordash, Automatic Payments, Pending all night

I had payments pending for some orders on doordash yesterday (mar 1, 5:40) that just never went through despite having enough money to pay for my food and then it's status changed to automatic payment earlier today (Mar2, 9:00). I read that automatic...

PayPall pulling from wrong funds

I have an automatic monthly payment set up, and even though it says it is set to pull from my bank account, it will pull from my PayPal balance every time. How do I make sure it pulls from my bank like it's set up to do? Thanks!

Booster73 by New Community Member
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Wrong currency for payment card

Currency on my payment card in wallet was recently changed (from CZK to USD), my last subscription to Netflix was charged in USD with conversion fees and I cannot change the currency to CZK. And it is impossible to contact PayPal to fix it, there is ...

AleMaMi by Contributor
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Pay type change

Anyone know why my Apple subscription randomly started coming out of my checking account and not my default cc on file .? I never made changes .

Sham26 by New Community Member
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Safeco no longer allowing scheduled payments

I've been scheduling my payments to Safeco for a number of months. When I tried to schedule my next monthly payment, I no longer have the ability to schedule in the future. Have they changed their policy for payments through PayPal?