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Money added to PayPal account is still pending after a week

Hello I’m posting from the UK incase things are different and not world wide. In January I went into a negative balance without realising it- this was during a period of changing jobs after being unwell and leaving my last place. I’ve tried numerous ...

Emmah93 by New Community Member
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confusing comma / with decimal - help required

Hello everyone .. i had one issue today, i tried to send certain amount via paypal but i got confused with this comma and decimal, and it turned out to be quite a huge amount so i got a message and then email that it is unsuccessful since i dont have...

smtrz110 by New Community Member
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How can I change the currency FOR THE PAYPAL APP

Dear community How can I change the currency for the PayPal APP on my cellular phone? It stocks with one currency (CHF) I used to use. Now I use EUR and every payment gets a useless conversion from CHF to EUR and charges me with salty fees. I need ju...

redskate by Contributor
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How can i know the exact amount that is transferred to another account? The amount I see is before commissions.

MarkPoe by New Community Member
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Card keeps declining

Hi All. We are having a problem with our credit card declining payment through Paypal. We had to get a new card a couple of months ago and since changing to our new card details we have had issues. Sometimes payments work but more often they get decl...