Does the $1.95 transaction get refunded to the card if it doesn't get verified?

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I tried to link a Vanilla gift card to PayPal and they wanted me to verify the card. I clicked "get the code" and they posted a $1.95 transaction to the card, and I'm supposed to give them the code as it appears on my statement next to the transaction. Well, I didn't realize that there is no way for me to see this code as there isn't a statement associated with the gift card. The vanilla gift card site is giving me an error code when I try to check my balance online, and when I call the automated phone line, it tells me there is a $1.95 charge pending but no other information associated with it.


Does the $1.95 charge get refunded/dropped if I don't verify? I just want to use the card elsewhere now, but want the $1.95 back.

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Hello @kt_27


Welcome to the PayPal Community Forum! I'm sorry to hear there's been some confusion regarding the $1.95 confirmation charge. Once the card has been confirmed, the charge will be refunded back to your debit / credit card. Your card issuer should normally credit your balance within 30 days of the refund date. 


This charge and a 4-digit PayPal code should appear on your card statement within 2-3 business days. Here's a Help Center article if you need Help finding the 4-digit PayPal code. If you still need to call your card's customer service, you'll want to ask them to read you the description of the charge to find the 4-digit code. 


I hope that helps!


 - Jon K

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