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Add bank to withdrawl but got error

When I went to add bank account, I added swift code, bank name, card number But when I click submit, it gives an error like below, what should I do       Please specify more so I can withdraw money to the bank.  

Screenshot 2023-04-01 142151.jpg

Resolved! Gmail account got deleted permanently

my Gmail account got deleted permanently which was linked to my PayPal account. so how can I remove my card from that email and connect to the new pay account.

aman1980 by Contributor
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Card Confirmation - 0.00 USD charged

Hello,I am trying to follow the instructions from the Help Center, but upon clicking on the "Confirm your card" link I keep getting charged 0.00 USD repeatedly instead of 1 or 4 or however much is should be. As such, I end up no money withdrawn from ...

Money deducted from my bank account

Hi there. I am from South Africa. I linked my debit card to PayPal account. They deducted money from my bank account. I did input the ref number on PayPal. How long before the pay the money back to my bank account ?

SpookieS by New Community Member
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2 small deposit problem

I only received one deposit, it's been almost 5 days and I still haven't received my second deposit to confirm my bank

Shivansh12 by New Community Member
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Bank Account Linking

Trying to link our Organization's bank account and we get an error that our bank has reached the maximum number of PayPal registrations. We only have one bank account. Thank you for your help.

NKPSF by New Community Member
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Error while debit card link

Hello Everyone, I recently closed my old PayPal account without delinking the debit card now I'm facing a problem linking it to the new account. It is not going to link, kindly advise.

se7en_CM7 by New Community Member
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