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Unmatched names with my Gcash acc and paypal

I want to link my account from Gcash to PayPal to transfer some balance left from my paypal and to transfer it to my Gcash account. But the problem is my name is not matched because on my paypal, i dont have "jr" with my full name but with my Gcash a...

Jr002 by New Community Member
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Can't link Gcash

Can someone help me. I try to link my gcash to may PayPal account but PayPal cancel it because it a pre-approved payments. Can someone help me?

rosales98 by New Community Member
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FNB PayPal Online Banking South Africa Error Code

Good day, I tried to register for the Paypal service on the FNB website but no luck, I get an error code (E-694) 01id Exists,check Existing Prof. I am or was never a client of FNB before, I visited the branch today but with no success still this is n...

No transfer button

I want to send BTC to wallet but there's no Transfer button on myaccount/crypto/BTC/ page Robert [removed] 23-5[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]/td>

RCutts427 by New Community Member
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Can't link

good day. what happen i can't link my gcash and my google store its say always cancelled transaction. what should i do to relink it on my account. because the always send my OTP pin to long. that's why i cant complete my transaction process.

Nero61 by Contributor
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Paypal mpesa link problem

Good morning.I am Ian from Kenya.I want to link my paypal account to paypal mpesa but every time i try linking I am told that my account is not qualified yet my I account is qualified.Please help me find the solution to this problem