Unauthorized ATM withdrawals with PayPal debit card dispute says they were authorized denied

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I submitted a dispute regarding some ATM withdrawals from PayPal account that I didn't authorize and 1 transaction transfer. I was not expecting the transfer to be refunded but the ATM withdrawals were denied a refund because they say there were authorized when they were not authorized. I just got out of a very controlling relationship with a psycho that is 3 x my size and can easily look over my shoulder and see my pin codes to any of my debit cards I use. As well as my phone pass code. He gets into my phone if I fell asleep. He has logged into my email accounts more than I can even remember. Before any of this was done he had logged me into 2 devices one being the email of my PayPal account. He even tried to get into my CashApp account I have the text that CashApp sends to the phone number attached to the account. I have screenshots of the logins on the other devices. He has gotten a key made to my apartment without permission, stole a brand new tablet out of my apartment hoping I would blame a young girl I let stay with me if she had nowhere else to go. Anyways PayPal denied the ATM withdrawals saying they were authorized but if you look at the times that were all done within 2 hours of each other. This makes sense to me.
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Sorry but it sounds as if you were responsible in another person obtaining personal information about your paypal account and security information on your cards.

You are responsible in keeping that information safe not paypal so paypal are not going to foot the bill for that.

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