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PayPal keeps lying to me! What should I do??

PayPal has been lying to me for the past 2 months. I sent a payment on April 6th for $270 for a laptop. Since then the buy has been ignoring my calls & messages so after waiting almost 3 weeks I filed a dispute on April 25th. Ive checked my dispu...

closed case appeal

Hi there, Does anyone knows if I can appeal a closed case ? I bought an item and the seller never shipped, emailed the seller via PayPal and he agreed to a refund but never did so. I opened a claimed sent all the screenshots and evidence to PayPal an...


I agreed to purchase 2 car ramps from M motor. When it came to checkout invoice changed to donation. No goods received. PayPal refused refund. Can't contact seller.

barrygolf by Contributor
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Unauthorized Zoom charges

An email from alerting me about out a money request indicated me to call Paypal if I did not recognize the person requesting $699.99 At this number PayPal staff asked me to open a Zoom phone to monitor my account. I approve a Zoom monthly charge of $...

Pear222 by New Community Member
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Resolved! BEWARE -- Balma LLC

My husband bought a pair of boots for 62 dollars from Balma LLC [removed] thru PayPal. After receiving them and discovering they are junk, cheap plastic, we asked the company for a refund. They sent us the address to return them to -- CHINA!!!!!  I l...

SusanRa by Contributor
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Cannot get refund due to delivery fee

Hi I'm currently in a dispute for a refund with a seller.   Some context: - seller is from Hong Kong apparently - I received the item (some kind of special computer), so that's ok - But the item doesn't work, it crashes all the time (so it's broken) ...

Pedrosso by New Community Member
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OrderPlus International

OrderPlus is a total fraud!! They send imitation, awful garbage that I wouldn't use for pets. $171.05 they ripped me off. I'm not hard to please but this was the WORST. DONT BUY FROM THEM. PayPal isn't even stepping up to help. Just awful.