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SCAM/FRAUD SELLER Posting on Facebook

I recently thought I was purchasing a great deal from Facebook. There was an advertisement coming from Wayfair for a five-piece outdoor furniture set with cushions selling for $89.99. When I submitted the order, no email was coming back from Wayfair ...

Shipped by MANUAL (is it a scam?)

Hi, So I bought something from a seller and paid through G&S. And the seller said it was shipped.On paypal it only says  "Sent by MANUAL" with no tracking info.I emailed the seller several times and after almost 2 weeks they responded saying they did...

kogepan by Contributor
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American Coradius International Collection Scam?

I recently received a letter from a company called <Removed>  in regards to a $510 overdraft I have on an old paypal account. I found this very strange, as I had previously been informed by a paypal representative through a phone call that they would...

Zapaeryan by New Community Member
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Resolved! PayPal Account hacked and closed

Hi my paypal account was hacked and closed today. The hacker transferred money to unknown person and closed my account at the same time. I am unable to contact any customer agent due to COVID-19. Are there any things that I could do to resolve this? ...

nokcastro by Contributor
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Resolved! Fake Tracking numbers

Wow, I'm blown away by all the comments on this community page. I've never had any issues with PayPal until recently, and everyone is right, you cannot talk to a live person, this is stupid. I had to file a claim which is still under review, and now ...

How do I report a paypal account?

Yeah, I would like to report a Paypal account because I paid for a commission and they never delivered on it and ghosts me. Tried resolving it in private but that didn't work out. Apparently, this person has done it before and I wanna make sure he wo...

ticktime by Contributor
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