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Resolved! BEWARE -- Balma LLC

My husband bought a pair of boots for 62 dollars from Balma LLC [removed] thru PayPal. After receiving them and discovering they are junk, cheap plastic, we asked the company for a refund. They sent us the address to return them to -- CHINA!!!!!  I l...

SusanRa by Contributor
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Resolved! Wrong address given

Hi guys, have a quick question,If I want to sell something, and the buyer sent me an address when we spoke but he has another one when he did the payment on Paypal, what should I do, send that to the Paypal address or the address he sent me?

Fake Refund Request!

Hi..Buyer raises fake refund after i provide him gaming services , what to do ? please help He contacted me on a social media app ,i have full chat history where it shows and also he confirmed that he received full services what was promised but now...

CAnmolG by Member
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Resolved! Unsure if this buyer is a scam or not?

I'm trying to sell my old engagement and wedding rings. I think I have a buyer but he says he's sent the money to my PayPal which is "pending" untill I have sent proof of sending it. It's sounds ok but I can't see any pending transactions a...

Resolved! ripped off Paypal does nothing

same story paid for item $556.25 a month ago never received item, can't contact through PayPal, can't file dispute ,paypal says case closed washing there greedy hands of it all. must be good money participating in the Chinese scams..

DanC71 by Contributor
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Resolved! Marketplace sale

Hello there, I am selling items through Facebook Marketplace Australia, I have few request of buying the items paying through PayPal, then the buyer would send a courier to pick up the item. I did hear about a lot of scams of this kind through market...

Buyer didn’t pay the full amount

I saw a Craigslist ad in my city for money to shave my head. First red flag should have been that they were only here for a week and they went back home out of the country.We agreed on a price, date, and I asked for them to cover the shipping costs. ...

Whealthy9 by New Community Member
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