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Resolved! PayPal Stole My Funds

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing great! Yes you heard it right, PayPal have stole my $2,068.24 USD without giving me any reason. It all started after the limitation of my account in 2022. After completing 180 days I received the mail from PayPal t...

Screenshot 2023-06-24 at 4.21.45 PM.png Screenshot 2023-06-24 at 4.07.07 PM.png Screenshot 2023-06-24 at 4.19.54 PM.png

scam attempt with car sale

I'm selling my car on Gumtree and was contacted about it via text messages, below is the last one. I got suspicious about someone not having a bank app so when start googling, exact same message was reported here in 2020 as well as a couple more with...

Space Cockroach

Space Cockroach withdrew $5.00 from my Pay Pal. I don't know what it was for and how can I get the money back and keep this from happening again

LMonroe1 by Contributor
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Resolved! Fees

Hi I have a question because someone is probably trying to scam me. Someone was supposed to send me 5000$ on my paypal account. He is from Kuwait I am from Poland. He send me a link to bitcoin page and he said that to receive the money I need to pay ...


I agreed to purchase 2 car ramps from M motor. When it came to checkout invoice changed to donation. No goods received. PayPal refused refund. Can't contact seller.

barrygolf by Contributor
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Resolved! Should I pay for a refund (expand account limit)

A client contacted me on Instagram and asked me to create an art for his kid. He showed some pics of the kid. He suggested to utilize PayPal. He paid $300 first and got email from PayPal (the address included at the end). Then the email sai...

Sora0404 by Contributor
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