Dispute for refusing to cancel order?

So a few days ago I ordered a piece of furniture from what I thought was a legit company, but after ordering I did some research and found that the seller is a scammer that ships cheap items from China that are nothing like what's shown on their website. I immediately contacted the seller requesting that they cancel the order and issue a full refund in accordance with their stated refund policy. The seller responded to my request for a refund asking why I wanted to cancel. I told them I was no longer interested in the item after reading terrible reviews and they responded 'We are aware of bad reviews from our competitors. I suggest you keep your order, can you please tell us where you saw these bad reviews so we can address the issue?' I responded that I was uninterested in what they 'suggest' I should do and insisted again that they cancel the order and refund me, since then they have not responded nor cancelled the order. This is clearly not a reputable seller and they are obviously trying to stall until the item ships. Their refund policy clearly states that before an order ships the order may be cancelled for a full refund and they are refusing to honor it. My question is if I should open a claim with PayPal now on the grounds that they are refusing my request to cancel? Based on others experiences with the seller the item I get will be an unusable piece of junk nothing like advertised and I will have to file a claim then anyway in about 6 weeks time. I just worry that if I file the claim now it will get denied.
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There’s no option for reporting seller refusing to cancel but you can report of negative reviews of this seller:


Click the transaction.

Click Report a problem.

Select Issues with the sellerI came across negative reviews for this seller


The other possible option is Issues with your purchase > I want a refund for some or all of the items in this order


If PayPal denies your claim and seller ships and items are not as described, contact customer services to change the dispute reason to Significantly not as described and you’ll have to pay to return item to get your refund.

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