unknown card added to commit fraud

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My account was hacked, an unknown card was added to my account. Then fraudulent transactions went off my card linked to account. 6 of the same transactions in currencies I do not normally transact in. only 2 of the 6 went through as my funds in bank ran out. I disputed transactions and paypal came back to say it was not fraud. Case closed. I don't understand this, I can't get any further clarifications on how they determined this. It just sucks bigtime and I think I won't use paypal anymore if this is how blatant fraud is handled. anyone else experienced the same?

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Contact customer services to request a deeper review by a human. If the system can’t find a different IP/device used or if it was a billing agreement, the default result is not unauthorized.



Scroll down to click “Message Us” or “Call Us” option on the bottom.


Or reach out to PayPal at Facebook or Twitter:    

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Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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Have you had any luck. This happened to me 2 days ago. Paypal determined not fraudulent
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