I was unauthorizedly charged and activity not showing on my account

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I have received an email from PayPal that K was charged a certain amount for an annual subscription.. I see the transaction on my bank account but I don't see it on my PayPal account to report it.. I have never authorized this transaction.. what do I do from here to report this transaction and get my money back?
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Hello @Tarekadel89,

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I'm sorry to hear about the unrecognized charge on your bank account. I suggest talking to anyone in your family to find out if they've used your card or bank to make the payment. If not, please reach out to Customer Support for further investigation. You can contact Support by clicking 'Contact' at the bottom of any PayPal page. Support is also available if you send a DM to @AskPayPal on Twitter or a PM to facebook.com/PayPal. If you find that the transaction was not something you had previously authorized, you'll want to have your bank issue a new card or account number (whichever the charge was associated with.) 

I hope this is resolved soon! 

- Meghan

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