How do I download my actually PayPal Credit Card Statement?


Okay, so I tried to use my PayPal Credit Card to make a purchase on  Amazon has suspended my account until I can verify that I am the owner of the card by submitting documented proof.  They have ONLY given me the single option of submitting a monthly statement for the card that shows my name and the last four of the card number.  I have searched and searched for how to get this document but Paypal has no option for this that I can find.  They only have the option to download activity reports, which is not what I need.  I need a real credit card statement like what you would get mailed to you.  I have reached out to customer support, but can't find a way to content them.  I


tried messaging but got a dumb robot that kept offering me links to download activity reports.  It seems AI does not know what a Credit Card Statement even is. When the AI fail it said it would hand me off to a real person, but then closed the connection and ended the call.  I called the support number on the back of my card, but got another AI that offer the same options and when I said that was not what I wanted it ended the cal.  I called back and asked to speak to a real person and it said it what send me a text with a code so I could text a real person about the issue, but I never got the text it promised to send me. How can PayPal be so bad at this very simple thing. 



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