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I will loose a client today & have no control over my balance. NO recourse offered

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Hey guys,


I'm new to the forum here with PayPal as it's rare to not find solutions in 2019. But recently PayPal has proven to be a very interesting discussion amongst myself, Information Architects, Influencers, juicy Reddit communities, fellow business owners and startups.


Today I found out a harsh truth when it comes to running a business through PayPal and the inability to discuss solutions when something occurs as a customer and user of PayPal.




I have a balance in my PayPal account. I cannot send money, I cannot add a card & I am unable to transfer money as well. I understand that security flags can happen for any reason & I'm much obliged to handle it in a competent manner (ie. not getting upset and discussing preventative measures) and of course to verify anything needed to move forward. 


In a surprise twist the complete opposite happened today over the phone...


- PayPal cannot tell me what I did wrong. They only can tell me that it's a "security" flag, with no reason.


- PayPal is unable to communicate what actions cause what outcomes. I asked politely what I could do to not be at risk of this happening again. But more importantly, not be at risk of losing business, clients and ability to function and operate day to day, pay bills and make purchases.


- They cannot tell me a date this will be resolved, if it will be resolved or what happened.


I left the conversation in absolute shock as I've never encountered this. Not one time in my life and as a business owner not know the "cause and effect" when something goes array with a B2B service. PayPal makes money in interest when stored in their servers/systems, I'm disheartened by the following encounter..


I'm left with a lost client, no frame of reference, no solution, no information on how to better adhere to the already vague guidelines and worst of all a very intense and sour customer experience that rivals the likes of anything I think a business owner could encounter given what PayPal says the offer as a company. 


As of this date, if I am able to retrieve the money, I regret to say I will be leaving PayPal as a service and work on preventative measures for others.


In my field of Information Architecture and Risk Analysis we see these things a lot, but as I read the forums here more and more I'm sickened with the stress people are under as we see this a lot with "free for service" fee structured businesses.


Ethically I cannot do business with them and must passionately influence and advise others to do the same if they have ever been left in a situation to where they can not only remedy an issue but have absolutely no recourse on understanding where the risk is at and how to improve. 


This is embarrassing for PayPal, this is embarrassing for myself as I've lost a client today. One can feel out of control when issues reach the 3rd and 4th dimension in resolution and disputes..meaning that one is unable to know, be aware of, be notified of or understand the "cause and effect" and use this information to lessen the risk associated with financial operations.


PayPal, If you're listening. This is not a disgruntled rant, this is not anger nor a call out to get your attention. I can't even begin to explain how incompetent this is and how much respect & influence I've had with others when it comes to using your services.


That ends today. Ethically speaking, in my consultation practice, I cannot let any company, startup, entrepreneur or any venture bring on risk like this to their Framework. Money is the #1 thing it takes to operate a business and if any platform cannot offer s SOLUTION, RECOURSE, CAUSE AND EFFECT and most importantly PREVENTATIVE MEASURES...I'm only left with the facts of the phone call and that this can happen to any business and anytime for any reason ad-hoc. It's immoral and it's weak.


In the PayPal forums, many dispute resolution forums and many other areas where people discuss unethical business practices and with the standard deviation I've calculated I think we have a Mediation crisis here that people haven't been able to form a structure to combat it yet, the mediation counsels will have a field day with this because from the looks of it this is pervasive and I'm not saying PayPal is purposely doing this but if you think you're going to sit there and make INTEREST off of my money and others with no recourse you're absolutely in for a surprise.


Kudos to Elon tho, his swift exit and sale is astonishingly clear.





Information Architect | Lean Strategy & Risk Analysis


I will loose a client today & have no control over my balance. NO recourse offered

Frequent Contributor

so you are in the service business,you do not make or sell manufactured goods?

you may want to consider applying for a merchant account with your local bank,if you prefers to accept electronic payment,you get better customer service and lower rates.

Or opt out of electronic payments and accept check,money order or wiretransfer.or dare I say Bitcoin?

You must be aware,if your client files a dispute of item not received,you have no proof you have delivered what you sold with online viewable tracking from a commercial carrier,therefore you wil lose and the payment will be reversed.

I will loose a client today & have no control over my balance. NO recourse offered


Understood. This is regarding only my PayPal balance, not a customer. The main takeaway here is mediation and recourse and the non existent nature of understanding of cause and effect. I'm left with nothing and no control over my money. 


*again this is not a raging disgruntled reaction, this is a concern over the risk one inherently has when working with PayPal. I don't care if the money takes weeks or if I get it in 30 minutes. I'm only focused on the nature of their response and mediation practices. I'm absolutely focused on not letting companies assume this type of risk. All they need is a mediation technique that's more ethical and bounded by cause and effect. It's absurd and disheartening.

I will loose a client today & have no control over my balance. NO recourse offered


Not just me, but I'm learning a lot today



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