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Withdraw money as USD

Hello guys, I want to withdraw my money as USDs I have a USD account with a USD visa card. When I try to withdraw it automatically converts money into EGP ( Egypt currency ) though as I mentioned earlier my Egyptian account is in USD not EGP so why d...

MoeshMD by Contributor
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Transfer from PayPal to bank - not happening!

I have a balance in my PayPal account and have been trying for weeks to transfer to my bank account.  When I attempt to do so, there is a message that I have no funds available to transfer.  I have tried contacting PayPal but it has been useless.  An...

Resolved! I can't add funds to my wallet

There is no button for add funds in my account. I just have a button says Transfer funds. What seems the problem?what should I do? 

Didn't receive my money

I put $70 on at the dollar general yesterday but still haven't received it yet. My could someone plz help me.thanks. 70$

Giboy69 by New Community Member
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Resolved! Can find my linked card

I can’t find my linked card as an option to withdraw my money to even though it’s the only linked card

Withdrawing funds

My account is now eligible for withdrawing funds but i can't use my credit card (ph) or transfer it to another. Is there anyway to fix this? I'm from ph.