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Sending money

I want to keep my transactions from PayPal to my linked prepaid card to be in USD.? How do I prevent my money when I withdraw from PayPal to my credit card from changing the coin from US to EGY pound? Is there anything or action I should take / and f...

Meema44 by Contributor
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Paypal ask payment method twice

When I try to pay with throw PayPal it asks me to choose a payment method twice on different windows, how can I choose a payment method in one step?<Removed><Removed>


I tried to order something and pay with paypal, at the end i did not complete the order but still received an email informing of the date when paypal reduce the amount from account. In this case, will paypal reduce the amount?

Bassir700 by New Community Member
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i cant make a purchase online using paypal

I cant make a purchase on any web pages. When a web page sends me to paypal for payment paypal asks me to login then shows processing but sends me back the web page of the item i am trying to buy then the web page send me back to paypal and its an en...

tjmiller by New Community Member
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Hello All, My worst fear is being scammed. I just put down a deposit for a puppy ready on Nov 6th. Seller wants me to confirm receipt and that states that I received the order (which I haven’t and won’t until November) If the seller disappears after ...

Cdanee by Contributor
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