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Problem with collection

hello, my brother Dominik Staněk gave me three contributions to the collection, the first contribution was 900 CZK, the second contribution 500 CZK and the third also 500 CZK and together he sent me 1900 CZK but the PayPal account was not added to th...

Payment Pending but Shouldn't Be

My son and I have been using PayPal for him to send me his car payments for many months with no problem. However, this one is stuck at pending, even though the money has been withdrawn from his bank account. Also, I didn't get the "Accept the money" ...

ShanCart by New Community Member
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My payments has been pending for 3 weeks

Im starting to get a little annoyed because I sell on depop and I havent got my money on some of my orders from august and it was confirmed it was deleviered and they even left reviews. Help. The putting in the order procced and tracking wont work

maddy097 by Contributor
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Incorrect card

What if I added a card to my paypal account, and the cardholder's name was not mine. I transferred my paypal funds there, but it's still under review. Can I reimburse the funds to my Paypal account instead?

polanegs by New Community Member
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withdrawal without my consent

i paid for scanneruna trial quotes for2usd through paypal, now i just a debit of 70usdfrom account, please how do i get my refund back?

solomon125 by New Community Member
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Two of my transactions are held due to unauthorized transaction

"This payment has been selected for review and we have opened an investigation.This is a security measure meant to protect you from problem transactions. We have placed a temporary hold on the funds until the investigation is complete."  I have two t...

Gerard35 by New Community Member
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