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Problem with collection

hello, my brother Dominik Staněk gave me three contributions to the collection, the first contribution was 900 CZK, the second contribution 500 CZK and the third also 500 CZK and together he sent me 1900 CZK but the PayPal account was not added to th...

Payment missing

Hello. I pay combined for 2 items in ebay. In my paypal account says one of them is payed, but i don't see the oter one. Also in ebay says that, the one is payed, the other is not. But paypal draw me a money and for the both. What should i do ?

mytag by Contributor
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Can't use PayPal balance to make purchase online.

So, As seen above, I have some money left in my account. But PayPal doesn't seem to allow me to use them in any online purchases I want to make.   When I checkout, and select PayPal as the payment method, PayPal will not allow me to use my PayPal b...

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Unable to use Courtesy credit

I want to know how to use PayPal courtesy credit. I was issued this over a month ago and still haven't been able to use it. Why can't they just put it in my available balance because it seems to be useless everywhere else. So frustrated.

missing bank transfer

I sent a bank transfer from my bank account in Spain to add credit to my paypal account. I made no mistakes in the transfer data, but after almost 2 months the money has never been credited into my paypal balance. I have contacted paypal but they tol...

Joserra2 by Contributor
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