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Problem with collection

hello, my brother Dominik Staněk gave me three contributions to the collection, the first contribution was 900 CZK, the second contribution 500 CZK and the third also 500 CZK and together he sent me 1900 CZK but the PayPal account was not added to th...

My payments has been pending for 3 weeks

Im starting to get a little annoyed because I sell on depop and I havent got my money on some of my orders from august and it was confirmed it was deleviered and they even left reviews. Help. The putting in the order procced and tracking wont work

maddy097 by Contributor
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Not enough funds for Debit Transfer to Paypal

I no longer have the total amount of money that I transferred from my Debit Card to Paypal after using the card to shop. Will they just give me all the money or I have left or do I need to transfer again?

Paypal asking for my money back.

Regarding my bank here in Saudi Arabia, they are asking me for $14,181 asked through Paypal, which the bank paid back to PayPal, and now the bank is asking me for it as they made my Visa Card with a Negative balance, and when I revised the total mone...

Negative balance not showing up in paypal after I log in

I got an email to say I have a negative balance of $35.When i log in to my paypal there is nothing I can see in the activity page or notifications to indicate there is a negative balance.I did move $35 into my paypal balance just in case but not sure...

werdy666 by Contributor
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Hold payment

I have received a payment from a buyer but it's on hold. Can a buyer somehow cancel his payment while it's on hold in my paypal account? Its saying funds will be released 1 day after the seller receives the item but then says the buyer needs to confi...

Scott213 by Contributor
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7 days of verification to receive the money?

''You have successfully updated order information. You’ll get your money within 7 days of verification.'' I really dont understand what it means exactly. Ive sold an digital item for $150 and it went on hold. Ive verifiedd it and now they gave me thi...