why cant i escalate my dispute on paypal?

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I purchased a fraudulent dress off of depop which the seller gave me a size Large instead of medium on May 3rd, I paid for the dress May 5th I recieved the package, and opened a dispute. I immediately let her know, sent the dress back with the tracking number and all. In my dispute page all it says is "seller made offer" her response is "yes i would like to refund purchase" she screenshots her sending the refund back, yet it says "refund cancelled". I believe the seller cancelled the refund and claims she sent it in an attempt at scam. I have 0.00 in my paypal cash balance and a line going through the refund amount with the words cancelled. Nowhere in this webpage says "escalate claim". on the email i have it says please file dispute before june 7th. I have no way of escalating my claim through this webpage and im afraid it will be lost. When i call the automated messaging system through phone it also says "unable to escalate claim". help me get my money back from this cow. 

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I think its because a refund was 'technically' issued, albeit canceled. If you paid with a credit card, you can opt to dispute through them instead. If the PayPal dispute is still open, it will close indefinitely if you disputed through your card issuer (if that is a option for you) and will have to resolve things exclusively through card issuer. What the email said is probably irrelevant now since the seller took action on issuing a refund albeit canceled.

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