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Fraud case PP-97279181

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Fraud case PP-97279181


I bought a bag in internet in dec 2020 - the advertisement said that the bag was made of wool and leather  (a beautiful picture)

After buying the bag - i waited for a month to receive it and what a I received it was a awful plastic bag - awful - horrible made from China 

I issued my claim via paypal - I sent the package back to china and i sent to paypal the post-office ticket the track number 

Paypal paid me the shipping cost for returning the plastic bag (they had the pictures of the package and all the information from the POst office including the track number)

Today i received a message from Paypal saying that the seller didn't have the Track Number (completely wrong) and now  i dont have the right to claim my refund - case close . They had all the information from the 13th Jan (case PP-97279181) 

First i was in a fraud and after Paypal closed the case letting me out without my refund after waiting almost a month 


1. why paypal is making business with company is doing a FRAUD?

2. with whom in paypal can i contact?

3. How i can get help ? Can someone help me?

I would like to report this case to the authorities if i don't get my refund back- no because the money because of the fraud they are doing and i don't want anyone to be in the same situation than me - it is sad

Some people is making money with this - they are STEALING money from people using Paypal 



have a good day 

best regards