Order placed from LittleMallus but I did not not place the order?

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I was looking @ something on the site Littlemallus, & placed it in my cart. I wanted to see what the total price would be after they added shipping & handling, so I had to go to PayPal to start checkout. once I saw the added charges I decided not to order, but the website wouldn’t let me go back or exit. I guess the order was placed when I tried to back out of the transaction, but I didn’t know it had been placed. Any suggestions? PayPal has denied my case, which is typical.

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Paypal covers you for non receipt of items OR items received but not as described.

They do not cover you for 'made a mistake ordering and changed my mind' so if the order has completed then paypal has processed the payment as you requested.

You would need to cancel the order with the merchant you purchased from and request a refund.

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