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Hi. I’m wanting to file a dispute but it won’t allow me to do so. Last week i sold some items to a women on facebook marketplace and she paid via pay pal. I sold six dresses. One of the six dresses arrived with a mark on it which i had no idea about. I straight away said i’m happy for her to return it and she can get her money back but that wasn’t good enough for her so she sent all six dresses back. I believe the marked on the dress she saw was pen ink or similar as i have since washed the dress after opening the parcel this morning and the mark is gone. This whole time i replied straight and sorted money out quickly but she continued to be rude. As i said i did not know about the mark and i did feel bad hence why i said straight away she can return it and get her money back. I’m very upset as since opening the parcel one of the dresses she has returned is damaged and is not in the condition like i sent it. I understand she may of been upset about the stain on the dress i sent but she had no right to send the other dress back like it is. The red dress i sent her the shoulder strap is cut and the dress is dirty. Again i’m very upset and not sure what to do. I can’t file a dispute on paypal as it said with the refund transaction it’s not allowed and i can’t contact the women as she has blocked me. I’m happy to attached the last thing she said to me as it was quite rude and upsetting but not sure if i can attached images on her. Please get back to me with what to do. This is the first time something like this has happened to me i sell clothes often and consider myself as a small business and value my customers it’s a shame that some people are so low they have to sabotage other peoples businesses as i can no longer re sell the dress she ruined. I can attached further pictures of the items and the facebook conversation once a dispute or something i open i have a lot to show. Thanks for your help it’s greatly appreciated.



If the website itself won't let you you have to call paypal to talk to a representative or from the phones automated system to open a case. 

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Sellers can't open disputes !!!




Sadly in the case of a dispute for item received but not as described its always one persons word against anothers so paypal do tend to favour the buyer as they never see the item in question BUT the buyer has to return what they received back to the seller first. Paypal don't get involved in part returns or part refunds that is for the dispute part of the claim, once escalated and paypal become involved then its a return of everything for a full refund.


So once tracking shows items returned back to the seller then that is the end of it normally because otherwise any seller that didn't want to refund would say the item was returned not as sent wouldn't they.


That doesn't mean you can't take your own private action against the buyer if you have something like the small claims court in your country but personally I would just put it down to the expected odd sale that went awry and move on.

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