Seller protection against damaged item during transit


Hi  Buyer received a ring purchased from me and when they received it, it looked like it had literally been ran over by a truck.  I package all my stuff the same way everytime and have NEVER had a damaged item.  The buyer wants full refund plus shipping.  Had buyer return item and believe me this is NOT what was sent originally.  


I did not purchased insurance (item was only 10.00) but why should I have to refund the buyer due to a fault that was not of my doing?  Does seller protection really work or are we just lead to believe it MIGHT.   If so detailed instructions would be appreciated.  



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Hello there!


PayPal offers Seller Protection on qualified transactions for instances where the item is never received at all (and you can show it was received) or if the payment is later reported as unauthorized.  For full details, please see the legal agreement at the bottom of any page.


When an item is damaged in transit, it's generally the responsibility of your courier service to reimburse you for any damages.  While you wait for reimbursement from the party who damaged the item, you will still want to refund the buyer through PayPal (don't have the insurance company pay them out directly - have them pay you out instead).  This protects you from further claims through PayPal or their credit card company. 


Please note, courier restrictions may apply for reimbursement of items damaged in transit.  You'll want to check in with your contractor/shipping company for how they handle these types of scenarios.  If your courier company doesn't offer insurance for items they've damaged, there are plenty of other couriers who will (and some automatically offer insurance for no extra fee).  Smiley Happy







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