Paid and waited over a week, seller now wants to increase price

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I wanted your advise regarding a problem I have with an item I purchased.
two weeks ago I placed an order for a Camera Body, I paid $xxx for the item, shipping and taxes included.
When I placed the order, and during ALL this time, the item showed as "In Stock" at the seller's website.
Several days later, I received a message from the seller indicating that the item was out of stock and asking me to wait a few days for dispatch, which I didn't accept but asked for an ETA.
Communication with them has been difficult since for each message I sent them they took at least 48 hours to respond.
They then sent a message indicating that the item would be received by them today.
Today they sent me a message indicating that they received the new stock but damaged, hence they can't ship, hence they ask ME to cancel the order and to place a new one which they will fulfill immediately (????) BUT the new order will be at a new price with more than 12% increase, almost most $100 dollars increase!!!!

So, my question, what should I do? do I have any protection for the price I PAID ALREADY two weeks ago?

Even now the item shows in their website at the new higher price as In Stock.

So, if they claim to have it in stock, why do they just don't send it to me at the price agreed and PAID?

I paid for this item already and their page offers to deliver if in 3-5 business days, I already waited more than that.

If I cancel, it will take some time to get a refund - I don't know if the process will be smooth or maybe another nightmare

And I need the item a.s.a.p since before a planned travel.

Besides, if I cancel it will look like it is somehow my fault and hence I deserve to wait for the refund as long as they want.


Is there any protection for the buyer in this case?


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Put your focus on your money not on your "I need by a date".   There already sufficient signs that this is not a repurable seller.

Gladly accept the cancelling and do whatever it takes to get your money back.

Find another supplier.

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