Need help with the shipment status.


Hi people,


i'm new to the forum and i'll need some advise from all gurus here.Smiley Embarassed


currently i having some problem with the shipment status and i'm quite confused with the shipment information detail.


can somebody help me to have a look on the shipping detail and let me know whether the package is on the way to my doorstep now or the package still lagging behind the USPS service center? because i can see that in Paypal it shows that "shipping status : shipped" but when i track it on USPS website it shows "Electronic Shipping Info Received" and i understand that the chances of USPS didnt update the tracking status is quite high but i've to make it clear because it is near to 45 days due to my payment (29th March 2012) if anything happen to the package i can't open dispute after 45 days. Should i open a dispute to extend the duration for the package to arrive to my doorstep? i'm worried if the package didnt arrive to my doorstep or damaged and i can't open a dispute due to 45days onwards.


Please advice. Thank you. 


Herewith the attached picture:





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