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Canceled money request and money disappeared.

I was going to make a sale and we agreed upon price with Paypal protection (Goods/Service) counted in.The buyer said that he could not find me, so I asked for his account and sent a request (I don't remember now (it was on the 12th of February) if I ...

Legal issues

There is so much information being thrown at me that has nothing to do with me. It takes up data and alerts that has nothing to do with me. I set up the account with what account I have set up and should filter out the info that is IRRELEVANT. I get ...

Email from

Hi, I have recently made a deal with a buyer since I want to sell my shoes however i got sent an email from [Removed] saying that there’s a pending payment however i do not trust it at all is this a scam?

Facebook Marketplace

I sold an item on Facebook Marketplace. Buyer says she sent the money to my PayPal account, but the funds are not showing up. It has been 5 hours, since she supposedly sent the money. She even sent me a prepaid shipping label to attach to the box and...

KathyTX by New Community Member
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A buyer asking for money refund on 9 cases

Hello,I run a mobile game, and we receive money from people playing the game to cover server costs and show their appreciation for the time some of us spend to keep it fresh and make updates.People do receive cosmetics and in-game resources in return...

VaDe255 by Contributor
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Customer Dispute - Incorrect Address

Hi, A customer purchased an item on my website. They did not complete all of the fields when making the order and so when the shipping label was automatically generated by Royal Mail Click & Drop the street number was missing. The customer has admitt...