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PayPal asking for old credit card statement

Hi, I have an PayPal account  and its limited as of now. System is asking me to submit a lit of documents , which i have but its also asking me to submit a latest statement for my old credit card which is no longer with me. Also, i am unable to find ...

Paypal limitations

After near 10+yrs of using PP they've for no reason at all have decided to permanently limit my account,actually stating "i can't use PayPal" Without any explanation. I've called them in numerous occasions and their customer service also ha...

Anthony272 by New Community Member
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account limitations

how i received account limitation twice? first paypal put my account June 5, 2023 to permanent limitation and cant no longer use means i cant use my account and all i need to do is to wait for 180 days so i can transfer the funds that paypal holds bu...

DasallaA by Contributor
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180 days limitation done

I receive email last June 2023 that my Paypal account put permanent limitation and i need to wait for 180 days before they will release my fund to make long story short this Dec 2, 2023 i reach 180 days of waiting to release my funds so i email paypa...

DasallaA by Contributor
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Resolved! I can't delete my account.

I want to delete my Paypal account for a long time now, since I never even used it, but all the time my account deletion request is denied due to some limitation that I don't even know. I only have an e-mail and phone number connected to the account,...

Account suddenly limited

Hi, i just had my mom send me money but when I went to access it, I was told that PayPal has permanently limited my account and I can no longer use PayPal. The problem is that I’ve only used my account 3 times with the last time being May of this yea...


I have been using paypal for many years and recieved a large payment off 8605 pounds for some work i did i contacted paypal who askded for my id i sent this they then permantly banned me for use thats inconsistent with there user agreement and that m...

limit, remove

my account was limited and I am unable to confirm one of my cards .i opted to remove the card but thats not working does anyone know how i can go about this case


Hello,   My account having a limitation and I'm asked to provide proof of transactions fulfillment and proof of purchase from my supplier, I sent the tracking number for fulfillment which I was asked for exactly, and the purchase invoices I got from ...

Jakair by Contributor
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PayPal account limited without any reason

Who has experienced suddenly having their PayPal account limited without any reason, with no option to refund the money, no chat support, and no proper response from email support?

Myuki by New Community Member
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