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More to Pay at Post Office.

I recently purchased two rechargeable AA batteries online. I used PayPal. The seller sent them as a “letter” which required just two regular stamps to post. As the “letter” was in excess of 20mm thick, it should have been sent as a parcel at extra ex...

Kew123 by New Community Member
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Nguyen Thuy Linh - scam seller

Nguyen Thuy Linh - scam seller - has collected $39 USD x5.  I reported the this as unauthorised because I have never ordered or received anything from this seller.  Case was closed as it was deemed not a matter of unauthorised access.There is no opti...

PayPal DOES NOT protect payment info

I’m not understanding the point of PP since I’m learning (the hard way) that PP DOES NOT protect your payment method information. I got notice of a charge to a website through my PayPal but I had not made a purchase there. PayPal said they could do n...

JES64 by New Community Member
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Canceled money request and money disappeared.

I was going to make a sale and we agreed upon price with Paypal protection (Goods/Service) counted in.The buyer said that he could not find me, so I asked for his account and sent a request (I don't remember now (it was on the 12th of February) if I ...

Sent to the wrong recipient?

Hi, I am new to paypal. I was unaware when sending money that I should enter the sellers email, I just put the name in and sent the money. The seller hasn't received it and I don't know who it has gone to? I entered it as friends and family so can no...

Dusty24 by Contributor
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payment sent to the wrong recipient

How should I proceed if I mistakenly entered the payment to the wrong recipient?I entered an email address, paypal offered me a person's name, I did not check and confirm.the payment went out, I opened a dispute, but because I sent the payment as fam...

Who is kilo health

I keep getting charged every 3 months for 33USD for kilohealth. How do I address pay pal us telling me to go to the merchant.

NBEE1 by Contributor
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