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No refund

Hi. I had unauthorised transactions (paypal credit)and Resolution Centre accepted this and said i would get a refund. It has been around 40 days and no refund yet to my paypal credit account. Ive contacted them several times and getting nowhere. Any ...

Mich751 by Contributor
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Resolved! Why PIPO US INC charged me money?

About 6 hours ago, I paid twice for the promotion of the video on TikTok, but they didn't allow it. I have now entered PayPal and seen that both transactions were charged to me by PIPO US INC. Does anyone know why?

Tisakoja by New Community Member
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Unauthorised closure of Dispute.

I have recently made a purchase over facebook market for a camera. I have paid 1000gbp thru goods and services using my credit card. After transferring the money, I gave the seller 2 days, but she never replied again. No update whatsoever. I opened a...

edeeg by New Community Member
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Got scammed by Justen Trading Co., Limited-$400!

Has anyone seen the Facebook posts of the cute little alphabet piggy banks? Well I did, and got scammed, to the tune of nearly $400. I am trying to resolve through PayPal but they are having me email the company, which keeps giving me the same canned...

yolamart by Contributor
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SCAM Alert:

I just want to share my experience with today and how paypal is not protecting the users. On Sept 10 2023, I saw ads from Instagram for very cute kids clothes and I gave it a try since the website says that it has 30 day return protection a...